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Make Over: To Be a Kid Again

Mark and Robin Green’s basement was inspired by his childhood. For their kids, it’s the coolest place in the house.

When Mark Green was growing up outside of Philadelphia, his family had season tickets to the Phillies at Veterans Stadium. Although demolished in 2004, “the Vet” lives on in Mark Green’s Potomac basement.

Mark, a business executive, and his wife, Robin, hired a muralist to make their ten-seat home theater feel like a sold-out game at Veterans Stadium. Hidden among the painted crowd and dugout are the faces of Mark, Robin, and their 14-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter.

Three of the stadium’s old blue foldup seats, which Green bought at an auction, run along the “sideline.” On one wall hangs Hall of Fame member Mike Schmidt’s jersey; on another, an original sign points out section 212, where Mark and his family used to sit.

The sports theme carries into the rest of the basement, which includes a sports pub with a 500-gallon double-sided aquarium, barstools, and pool table.

A sport court with padded walls and athletic flooring hosts the kids’ games of basketball, football, and soccer. Mark’s daughter, a dancer, spends time in the dance studio.

“The kids are down there all the time,” says Mark. “It’s a big hangout for them and all their friends.”