Things to Do

Where & When: This Week in Washington Nightlife

Start the week by watching a Michael Haneke film—if you dare. Also, drag bingo at Nellie's and an appearance by Mr. Jesus H. Christ at the Palace of Wonders. Keep in mind, missing out on these events might constitute a sin.

Monday, March 17: Michael Haneke Retrospective

To some, Austrian director Michael Haneke is a genius; to others, he’s a sadist. We think he’s a little of both. Funny Games, Haneke’s latest film (an American remake of his 1997 German-language film of the same title), is now in theaters. Before checking it out, you can get some background on Haneke by watching Three Paths to the Lake, one of his earlier films, at the Goethe-Institut (812 Seventh St., NW). It’s part of the retrospective “Michael Haneke: Cinema of Provocation.” Tickets are $6. Call 202-289-1200 for more information.

Tuesday, March 18: Drag Bingo

In addition to having one of the most fun—and best attended—trivia nights around, Nellie’s Sports Bar (900 U St., NW) has recently started hosting Drag Bingo every Tuesday at 9 PM. The fabulous event is hosted by Shi-Queeta Lee, and while no special attire is required, equally fabulous outfits are encouraged.

Wednesday, March 19: All That I’ll Ever Be

If you didn’t get a chance to see Alan Ball’s All That I’ll Ever Be at the Studio Theatre, you’re in luck: The play’s run has been extended through March 23. A look at the sexual and racial politics between two gay men—one Middle Eastern, the other white—the play has all of the signature traits of the writer behind American Beauty and Six Feet Under—razor-sharp dialogue, dark humor and complex characters.

Thursday, March 20: Weirdos at the Palace of Wonders (No, Really?)

Freaks and weirdos are no strangers to the Palace of Wonders (1210 H St., NE), but even the most bizarre or eccentric acts pale in comparison to the bar’s Weirdo Show, held every third Thursday of the month. This month’s show features sword swallowers, fire dancers, burlesque performers, and, um, a Scottish cowboy. Plus—Mr. Jesus H. Christ himself will make a rare appearance. Now, how can you turn that down, huh? Tickets are $10. For more information call 202-398-7469.