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Good morning, Washington! Here's what we're reading around the web this AM.

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Merry Christmas Eve, Washington! We'll be posting on a light schedule today, then taking Christmas and the day after off. Expect a full-fledged return to all things bloggy and Washingtonian on Monday, December 29.

In the meantime, if all your holiday needs are taken care of, start planning ahead to New Year's.  We've got a guide to parties; a roundup of restaurants serving and their menus; and, the most important part of all, reader-submitted hangover cures.

Want to track Santa's flight tonight? The North American Aerospace Defense Command is here to help. Presumably they have nothing better to do.

After that crazy water main break yesterday, River Road is still closed. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. You can listen to the terrifying 911 calls here.

DCist notes that the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun will be sharing local news and content between the two of them.  

Could the recession actually have the effect of creating jobs in DC? A report released by the Downtown DC BID says maybe so. If the federal bureaucracy expands in this downtime, it could  mean more jobs for the District.