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The Tweet Beat: The Best Congressional Tweets of the Week

Another week, another round of tweets from our representatives. John McCain seems to have mastered the snarky yet bitter tweet, Kevin McCarthy sets his sights high, Newt Gingrich is called upon as a mathematical AND historical expert and Paul Ryan is the most honest politican in Congress.

RepSteveIsrael: Traffic! They can figure out how I can instantly communicate with you, but not how to move a disabled car from the left lane of I-95 in DC!
Rep. Steve Israel, New York.

DanaRohrabacher: Just returned from observing the Russian Navy in Sevastopol and verbally sparring with European parliamentarians in Prague.
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, California.

kevinomccarthy: Planning to catch an early flight to DC tomorrow morning – there is a lot of work to do to turn our country around
Rep. Kevin McCarthy, California.

RobWittman: I got some good turkey hunting in today with Cmdnt. of the USMC. We were hunting with Wounded Warriors at the new facility at Quantico.
Rep. Rob Wittman, Virginia.

newtgingrich: On the way to new yotk to talk tonight at the fordham university bronx campis tonight for a speech on 2 plus 2 equals 4

MaryBonoMack: Am proud of my husband Connie. I saw him stand face to face with Pres Correa and tell him Chavez is not a good man. Didn’t dice any words.
Rep. Mary Bono Mack, California.

ChuckGrassley: Latest diagnosis of my burn fr farming accident is that I won’t need skin graft
Sen. Chuck Grassley, Iowa.

clairecmc: I’m blessed to have my job. It’s interesting, challenging, & an honor But, I must confess I’m not looking forward to going back to DC today.
Sen. Claire McCaskill, Missouri.

johnculberson: A busy and important district work period ends tomorrow as Congress returns to DC – hope moderate members got “religion” from Tea Parties!
Rep. John Culberson, Texas.

newtgingrich: It is sad to think of how few students learn about concordf, lexington or the defining facts of american history. Modern schools = amnesia

SenJohnMcCain: Special Envoy to Somalia – another day, another envoy, another czar…
Sen. John McCain, Arizona.

SenJohnMcCain: Chavez’s book – best cure for insomnia!!
Sen. John McCain, Arizona.

clairecmc: I think its a good sign that I can’t find a parking place at the mall.
Sen. Claire McCaskill, Missouri.

DarrellIssa: Big Kid: “No, THAT tree is a home run and THAT tree is an automatic double play.” You: “But you didn’t tell me that BEFORE I hit the ball!”
Rep. Darrell Issa, California.

RepMikeMichaud: Over $30 million coming to ME for clean water projects…
Rep. Mike Michaud, Maine.

jasoninthehouse: Whole Body Imaging is exactly what it says. A naked look at your whole body.
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Utah.

jasoninthehouse: BTW, Jimmy Kimmel was funny last night highlighting Susan Boyle as Miss Utah in the Miss USA pagent
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Utah.

jasoninthehouse: Nobody needs to see my wife or kids naked to secure an airplane
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Utah.

chelliepingree: Swearing in the newest member tonight –filling Rahm Emanuel’s seat…he told us that his young daughters had already gotten their dog!
Rep. Chellie Pingree, Maine.

newtgingrich: Had a nice fish dinner at le mistral in mclean. Callistas dover sole was good but my trout was better. The mussels were superb

jasoninthehouse: Just met with the DC Mayor. Nice guy. We get along quite well.
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Utah.

reppaulryan: Both parties screwed up – so where do we go from here?
Rep Paul Ryan, Wisconsin.

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