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2009 Washingtonian Guide to Private Schools: Coed Schools

The + symbol means that the school offers boarding.

Academy for Ideal Education, elementary/middle school campus, 1501 Gallatin St., NW; 202-726-0313; age 3–7th grade; $7,500; 40 students. High-school campus, 2600 12th St., NE 20018; 202-399-0707; 9th–12th grade, $7,500; 44 students.

What’s new: The Thinkwave computer system allows parents to log in and see how their child is doing.

Aidan Montessori School, 2700 27th St., NW; 202-387-2700; ages 1½–12; $14,320–$19,817; 190.

Amazing Life Games Preschool, 4300 16th St., NW; 202-265-0114; ages 2½–5; tuition depends on whether the child attends full-time or part-time and whether the parent participates in the co-op, but the average monthly tuition from 9 AM to 3 PM five days a week is $1188; 30 students.

Recent accomplishment: Children at Amazing Life Games use play as the primary way to inspire learning. They go on many field trips, explore nature, and have a lot of special teachers come in to facilitate holistic development.

Archbishop Carroll High School, 4300 Harewood Rd., NE; 202-529-0900; 9th–12th grades; $9,575; 600 students.

What’s new: In February 2009, it became an International Baccalaureate school.

Recent accomplishment: The 2009 valedictorian is attending Harvard.
Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School, 3500 Woodley Rd., NW; 202-537-6493; pre-K through 3rd grade; $27,320; 380 students;

Blessed Sacrament School, 5841 Chevy Chase Pkwy., NW; 202-966-6682; K–8th grade; $7,650 (parishioners), $11,400 (non-parishioners); 511 students.

British School of Washington, 2001 Wisconsin Ave., NW; 202-829-3700; ages 3–18; $11,100 (nursery part-time) $20,300 (nursery full-time through year 6), $22,150 (years 7–11), $24,250 (years 12–13); 400 students.

Capitol Hill Day School, 210 South Carolina Ave., SE; 202-547-2244; pre-K through 8th grades; $20,450 (pre-K and K part-time), $23,110 (pre-K and K full-time), $23,110 (grades 1–5), $24,290 (grades 6–8); 215 students;

Children’s House of Washington, 3133 Dumbarton St., NW; 202-342-2551; ages 2¾–6; $8,000 (ages 3–4), $9,000 (age 5), 27 students.

What’s new: New dance and music teachers and a new arts class.

Dupont Park Adventist School, 3942 Alabama Ave., SE; 202-583-8500; pre-K through 10th grade; $4,085-$5,800; 260 students.

What’s new: Completely renovated office and classrooms.

Edmund Burke School, 4101 Connecticut Ave., NW; 202-362-8882; 6th–12th grade; $29,590; 305 students.

Emerson Preparatory School, 1324 18th St., NW; 202-785-2877; 9th–12th grade; $20,000; 50 students.

Field School, 2301 Foxhall Rd., NW; 202-295-5800; 7th–12th grade; $32,100; 320 students.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: Dickinson College, Guilford College, and Kenyon College.
Georgetown Day School lower/middle-school campus, 4530 MacArthur Blvd., NW; 202-295-6200; pre-K-8th grade; $26,713–$29,692; 570 students.

High-school campus, 4200 Davenport St., NW; 202-274-3200; 9th-12th grade; $30,571; 480 students.

Georgetown Montessori School, 1041 Wisconsin Ave., NW; 202-337-8058; ages 2–6; $7,200–$11,500; 50 students.

What’s new: A symphony music class.

Holy Trinity School, 1325 36th St., NW; 202-337-2339; age 3–8th grade; $13,630 (parishioners pre-K through K), $16,850 (non-parishioners pre-K through K), 10,720 (parishioners grades 1–8), $14,880 (non-parishioners grades 1–8); 335 students.

Jewish Primary Day School of the Nation’s Capital, 6045 16th St., NW; 202-291-5737; pre-K thorough 6th grade; $18,390; 262 students.

What’s new: It acquired the property next to the school, razed the house that was on the land, and has begun landscaping the property to make a playing field.

Recent accomplishment: In the last six years, JPDS has gone from 156 to 262 students; put in new playground equipment; expanded the math enrichment program; gone from deficit spending to a balanced budget; and had Yuvall Rabin, Elie Wiesel, and Condoleezza Rice speak at its annual lecture series.

KinderHaus of Chevy Chase, 5307 Connecticut Ave., NW; 202-244-0719; infants through pre-K; $1,090–$1,630; 25 students.

KinderHaus of Cleveland Park, 3400 Lowell St., NW; 202-686-3570; infants through pre-K; $1,090–$1,630; 54 students.

Little Flower Montessori School, 3029 16th St., NW; 202-667-6803; ages 2½–6; $1,200 a month (half day), $1,400 a month (school day), $1,600 a month (full day); 24 students.

Lowell School, 1640 Kalmia Rd., NW; 202-577-2000; age 3–grade 6; $14,990–$25,997; 290 students.

Maret School, 3000 Cathedral Ave., NW; 202-939-8800; K–12th grade; $25,685 (lower school), $27,850 (middle school), $29,565 (upper school); 635 students.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: Washington University, University of Pennsylvania, and Tufts University.

Montessori School of Chevy Chase, 5312 Connecticut Ave., NW; 202-362-6212; ages 2–6; tuition approximately $15,000 per school year depending on choice of programs (full day/half day, before care/after care, 9 month/12 month program); 57 students.

What’s new: Offers competitive reading and math programs as well as French, art, music, yoga, and guitar lessons.

Recent accomplishment: School runs an all-day Montessori program from 8 to 6, eliminating the daycare philosophy.

Montessori School of Washington, 4380 MacArthur Blvd., NW; 202-338-1557; preschool–kindergarten; $8,500-$12,000; 35 students.

What’s new: Gymnastics twice a week, music once a week, and creative-movement class once a month.

Nannie Helen Burroughs School, 601 50th St., NE; 202-398-5266; nursery (age 2½)–6th grade; preschool ($5,225, include before and after care), grades 1–6 ($4,940, additional $200 per month for before and after care); 135 students.

Recent accomplishment: The school celebrated its 100th anniversary.

National Child Research Center, 3209 Highland Pl., NW; 202-363-8777; ages 2½-5; $5,385 (half day two days per week,) $7,185 (half day three days per week), $11,595 (half day five days per week), $22,695 (full day 5 days per week); 171 students.

What’s new: The center’s newly renovated building has bigger classrooms and a multipurpose gym room.

National Presbyterian School, 4121 Nebraska Ave., NW; 202-537-7500; nursery–6th grade; $14,300-$22,100; 263 students.

Naylor Road School, 2403 Naylor Rd., SE; 202-584-5114; K–8th grade; $5,900-$6,400; 160 students. 

Our Lady of Victory School, 4755 Whitehaven Pkwy., NW; 202-337-1421; age 3–8th grade; $7,387 (parishioners) $8,794 (non-parishioners); 200 students.

What’s new: The school recently completed a new science lab.

Parkmont School, 4842 16th St., NW; 202-726-0740; 6th–12th grade; $25,300; 45 students.

Randall Hyland Private School, 4339 Bowen Rd., SE; 202-582-2966; ages 2½–5, after-care for ages 6-12; $9,503; 35 students.

Sheridan School, 4400 36th St., NW; 202-362-7900; K–8th grade; $24,660 (K–3rd grade), $26,190 (4th grade), $27,380 (5th–8th grade); 221 students.

Sidwell Friends School, lower school: 5100 Edgemoor La., Bethesda; middle/upper school: 3825 Wisconsin Ave, NW; 202-537-8100; pre-K through 12th grade; $29,842 (lower school), 30,842 (middle/upper school); 1,100 students. St. Ann’s Academy, 4404 Wisconsin Ave., NW; 202-363-4460; pre-K through 8th grade; $7,000; 180.

St. John’s College High School, 2607 Military Rd., NW; 202-363-2316; 9th–12th grade; $13,975; 1,038 students.

St. John’s Episcopal Preschool, 3240 O St., NW; 202-338-2574; ages 2½–5; morning program $7,609-$10,995 depending on number of days and age of child; early-morning and afternoon programs also available; 45 students; .

St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School, 4700 Whitehaven Pkwy., NW; 202-342-2805; nursery–8th grade; $14,437-$27,496; 507 students.

St. Peter’s Interparish School, 422 Third St., SE; 202-544-1618; pre-K through 8th grade; $7,680 (parishioners), $9,590 (non-parishioners); 215 students.

Washington Hebrew Congregation Edlavitch-Tyser Early Childhood Center, 3935 Macomb St., NW; 202-895-6334; ages 1½–5 years; $3,235–$10,966; approximately 96 students.

Recent accomplishment: Voted “best for families” (preschool) in July 2009 Washington Family magazine.

Washington International School. Primary school: 1690 36th St., NW; 202-243-1815; pre-K through 5th grade; $20,685-$25,525; 451 students. Middle and upper school: 3100 Macomb St., NW; 202-243-1815; 6th–12th grade; $28,465; 450 students.

What’s new: The Student News Action Network (, launched by WIS, is promoting online discussion about global issues, with student journalists participating from schools as far away as Thailand, Qatar, and South Africa.

Recent accomplishment: Facilities upgrades on the middle/upper school campus were completed during the 2008–09 school year; the final project was an outdoor basketball court and regulation-size soccer field.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled
: McGill University, University of Toronto, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, and Duke University.


Abingdon Montessori School, 5144 Massachusetts Ave., Bethesda; 301-320-3646; ages 2–5; $8,800; 25 students.

Aleph Bet Jewish Day School, 1125 Spa Rd., Annapolis; 410-263-9044; K–5th grade; $9,830; 35 students.

Recent accomplishment: Received the Chesapeake Cup award for participation in Anne Arundel Public Library summer reading program.

Annapolis Area Christian School. Lower school: 710 Ridgley Ave., Annapolis; 410-266-8251; pre-K through 5th grade; $3,421-$8,943; 215 students. Middle school: 716 Bestgate Rd., Annapolis; 410-266-8251; 6th–8th grade; $10,318; 220 students. Upper school: 109 Burns Crossing Rd., Severn; 410-266-8251; 9th–12th grade; $12,628; 479 students.

Apple Montessori School, 7210 Hidden Creek Rd., Bethesda; 301-320-8832; 2 years through kindergarten; $7,010-$13,760; 60 students.

What’s new: Beyond the Walls!, a weekly outdoor-learning program giving children an early start in appreciation and stewardship of the natural resources in our area.

Recent accomplishment: Celebrating more than 25 years in Montessori education.

Archbishop Spalding High School, 8080 New Cut Rd., Severn; 410-969-9105; 9th–12th grades; $11,295; 1,175 students.

What’s new: A center for arts and technology Center, a stadium with an artificial-turf field and track, and an engineering curriculum.

Recent accomplishment: The class of 2009 was offered more than $21 million in college scholarships.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: University of Maryland, Catholic University, University of South Carolina, Towson University, and Virginia Tech.

Ascension Lutheran School, 7415 Buchanan St., Landover Hills; 301-577-0500; K–8th grade; $6,750; 140 students.

Barnesville School, 21830 Peach Tree Rd., Barnesville; 301-972-0341; age 3–8th grade; $3,925 (early childhood three-day program), $6,535 (pre-K and early-childhood five-day program), $11,320 (kindergarten), $15,145 (elementary school), $16, 195 (middle school); 182 students.

What’s new: A science and environmental-education program, composed of administrators, faculty, and parents, will examine how to fully utilize the school’s 50 acres for educational purposes. It will also support school initiatives to be more environmentally friendly.

Recent accomplishment: School won middle-school championships in boys’ basketball and soccer. Placed fourth in Potomac chapter’s Mathcounts competition.

Barrie School, 13500 Layhill Rd., Silver Spring; 301-576-2800; pre-K through 12th grade; $11,750-$24,080; 390 students.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: University of Maryland, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and Brown University.

Beddow Jr./Sr. High School, 501 Bryan Point Rd., Accokeek; 301-292-1968; grades 7–12; $11,000; 42 students.

Beddow Montessori School, 6008 Hampshire Cir., Waldorf; 301-870-8660; pre-K through 6th grade; $6,000–$9,000; 50 students.

Beddow Montessori School, 8600 Loughran Rd., Fort Washington; 301-567-0330; pre-K through 6th grade; $6,000–$9,000; 90 students.

Berwyn Christian School, 4720 Cherokee St., College Park; 301-474-1561; preschool–8th grade; $1,600 (preschool age 3), $2,400 (preschool age 4), $2,900 (pre-K), $4,800 (kindergarten), $5,500 (grades 1–8); 120 students.

Bethesda Community School, 7500 Honeywall La., Bethesda; 301-652-0117; ages 2½–kindergarten; $260 a month to $1,475 a month; 130 students.

Recent accomplishment: Celebrating its 65th anniversary this year.

Bethesda Country Day School, 5615 Beech Ave., Bethesda; 301-530-6999; ages 2–5; 280 students.

Bethesda Montessori School, 7611 Clarendon Rd., Bethesda; 301-986-1260; ages 3–6; $7,600–$12,500; 80 students.

Recent accomplishment: Twenty-seven years in business, in the same location, with the same director and owner. The school strictly follows the Montessori philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori and has three multi-age classrooms.

Bishop McNamara High School, 6800 Marlboro Pike, Forestville; 301-735-8401; 9th–12th grade; $10,300; 870 students.

What’s new: A forensic-science class.

Recent accomplishment: Completed $8 million in renovations to build a new fine-arts wing, two-story library, cafeteria, and more.

Bowie Montessori Children’s House, 5004 Randonstone La., Bowie; 301-262-3566; pre-K through 8th grade; $9,600; 200 students.

Bullis School, 10601 Falls Rd., Potomac; 301-299-8500; 3rd–12th grade; $26,460 (grades 3–5), $28,280 (grades 6–8), $29,430 (grades 9–12); 630 students.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, and University of Virginia.

Butler School, 15951 Germantown Rd., Darnestown; 301-977-6600; pre-K through 8th grade; $12,250; 165 students.

Calvary Lutheran School, 9545 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring; 301-589-4001; K–8th grade; $8,000 (K–5th grade), $8,850 (6th–8th grade); 50 students.

What’s new: Added a junior kindergarten in 2008–09 for children who turn five after September 1 deadline.

Calverton School, 300 Calverton School Rd., Huntingtown; 410-535-0216; preschool–12th grade; $4,738–$16,408; 410 students.

Recent accomplishment: A hundred percent of the seniors are college-bound, and the school has an All-American lacrosse player.

Capitol Christian Academy, 610 Largo Rd., Upper Marlboro; 301-336-2200; pre-K through 12th grade; $7,900; 76 students.

Casa de Montessori, 14015 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring; 301-384-8404; ages 3–6; $5,500 (preschool), $8,100 (kindergarten); 50 students.

What’s new: The school is launching a new Web site.

Recent accomplishment: Celebrating its 40th year.

Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School. Lower school: 1901 E. Jefferson St., Rockville; 301-881-1400; kindergarten–6th grade; $18,450; 645 students. Upper school: 11710 Hunters La., Rockville; 301-881-1400; 7th–12th grade; $23,680; 635 students.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: University of Maryland, Cornell University, and Tufts University.
Chesapeake Academy, 1185 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., Arnold; 410-647-9612; preschool–5th grade; $4,000–$13,750; 280 students.

What’s new: Community-built playground was completed thanks to parents and friends who gave more than 3,000 volunteer hours to build a custom structure that enhances the physical education experience and imaginative play of students.

Recent accomplishment: The school held its most successful fundraising auction event in its history, and the annual fund reached new giving records.

Chesapeake Montessori School, 30 Old Mill Bottom Rd. N., Annapolis; 410-757-4740; 15 months–age 12; $8,600–$11,150; 135 students.

What’s new: An elementary-school building with a new library and classrooms was recently completed overlooking a new nature trail.

Children’s Learning Center, 4511 Bestor Dr., Rockville; 301-871-6600; nursery–8th grade; $6,500 (three-day)–$17,000; 120 students.

Christ Episcopal School, 109 S. Washington St., Rockville; 301-424-6550; preschool–8th grade; $3,274–$13,700; 166 students.

Christian Family Montessori School, 3628 Rhode Island Ave., Mount Rainier; 301-927-7122; pre-K through 6th grade; $4,900–$6,500; 93 students.

What’s new: The school has a new Web site.

Clinton Christian School, 6707 Woodyard Rd., Upper Marlboro; 301-599-9600; age 4–12th grade; $6,750; 560 students.

Concord Hill School, 6050 Wisconsin Ave., Chevy Chase; 301-654-2626; age 3–3rd grade; $13,592–$20,414; 100 students.

What’s new: Extended-day program for preschoolers Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday until 3. Late Bird Club available for all students Monday through Thursday from 3 to 6.

Concordia Lutheran School, 3799 East-West Hwy., Hyattsville; 301-927-0266; preschool–8th grade; $6,435; 150 students.

What’s new: Middle-school students participate in community service by mentoring kids at James Duckworth Elementary School Challenge Day, visiting Independence Court Assisted Living Center, and serving the local community in other ways.

Country School, 716 Goldsborough St., Easton; 410-822-1935; K–8th grade; $10,025–$12,5000; 300 students.

What’s new: A new upper-school student advisory was implemented.

Early Childhood Center, 100 Welsh Park Dr., Rockville; 301-424-8065; ages 2–5; $278–$590 a month; 57 students.

Evergreen School, 10700 Georgia Ave., Wheaton; 301-942-5979; 18 months–3rd grade; $9,370–$14,450; 66 students.

Fairhaven School, 17900 Queen Anne Rd., Upper Marlboro; 301-249-8060; ages 5–19 (ungraded); $4,795–$7,995; 70 students.

Recent accomplishment: The school published its first book about the school, Like Water, last year.

Fourth Presbyterian School, 10701 S. Glen Rd., Potomac; 301-765-8133; pre-K through 6th grade; $6,525–$13,700; 95–100 students (rolling admissions).

What’s new: Fourth Presbyterian is offering an after-school program.

Recent accomplishments: The school hosted the Scripps National Spelling Bee for Montgomery County and private schools.

Free State Montessori School, 12536 Harford Rd., Fork; 410-592-3324; ages 2½–14; $3,000–$8,500; 45 students.

Recent accomplishment: The school recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.

French International School (Lycée Rochambeau), 9600 Forest Rd., Bethesda; 301-530-8260; nursery–12th grade (French baccalaureate and American high-school diploma); $12,537–$16,253; 1,050 students.

Recent accomplishments: Students had a 99-percent success rate on their final Baccalauréat exams in 2009.

Friends Community School, 5901 Westchester Park Dr., College Park; 301-441-2100; K–8th grade; $14,330–$16,450; 197 students.

What’s new: The school is in its third year in its new “green” building.

Geneva Day School, 11931 Seven Locks Rd., Potomac; 301-340-7704; age 2–kindergarten; $2,153–$10,900; 250 students.

German School (Deutsche Schule) Washington, DC, 8617 Chateau Dr., Potomac; 301-365-4400; pre-K through 12th grade (German Abitur and American high-school diploma); $6,740–$12,020; most classes taught in German; 620 students.

Gibson Island Country School, 5191 Mountain Rd., Pasadena; 410-255-5370; pre-K through 5th grade; $8,113–$12,265; 60 students.

What’s new: The school recently added a nursery house dome as part of its environmental-studies program.

Glenelg Country School, 12793 Folly Quarter Rd., Ellicott City; 410-531-8600; pre-K through 12th grade; $10,730–$21,480; 796 students.

Grace Brethren Christian School, 6501 Surratts Rd., Clinton; 301-868-1600; age 4–12th grade; $7,095–$7,595; 600 students.

Recent accomplishments: Several varsity girls’-soccer players made the All American Team for National Christian School Athletic Association.

Grace Episcopal Day School, 9115 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring; 301-585-3513; age 3–kindergarten; $11,042–$18,635; 210 students.

Recent accomplishment: The school will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Grace Episcopal Day School, 9411 Connecticut Ave., Kensington; 301-949-5860; 1st–8th grades; $18,401–$18,635; 148 students.

Green Acres School, 11701 Danville Dr., Rockville; 301-881-4100; pre-K through 8th grade; $26,070; 300 students.

Gunston Day School, 911 Gunston Rd., Centreville; 410-758-0620; 9th–12th grades; $21,730; 140 students.

Recent accomplishment: The school has received eight merit awards from the Academy of the Arts program in Easton.

Harbor School, 7701 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda; 301-365-1100; preschool–2nd grade; $9,310–$16,120; 100 students. 

What’s new: Suzuki violin lessons are available.

Hebrew Day Institute, 2200 Baltimore Rd., Rockville; 240-399-6100; K–6th grade; $12,000–$16,000; 65 students.

Hebrew Day School, 1840 University Blvd. W., Silver Spring; 301-649-5400; K–6th grade; $10,300–$12,025; 70 students.

Henson Valley Montessori School, 13400 Edgemeade Rd., Upper Marlboro; 301-449-4442; ages 2½–15; $12,895–$14,365; 101 students.

Holy Cross Elementary School, 4900 Strathmore Ave., Garrett Park; 301-949-1699; pre-K $5,038–$8,217 (pre-K for parishioners), $5,621–$8,844 (pre-K for non-parishioners); $6,402 (K–8th grade for parishioners), $7,260 (K–8th grade for non-parishioners); 200 students.

Holy Redeemer School, 9715 Summit Ave., Kensington; 301-942-3701; pre-K through 8th grade; $6,063; 400 students;

What’s new: This year the school has a new principal, Dave Lombardi.

Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School, pre-K through K and 5th–8th grades at 11902 Daisy La., Glenn Dale; 301-464-3215; 1st–4th grades at 13106 Annapolis Rd., Bowie; 301-262-5355; $8,150–$10,350; 601 students.

Indian Creek School, pre-K through 8th grade at 680 Evergreen Rd., Crownsville; 410-923-3660; 456 students; 9th–12th grades at 1130 Anne Chambers Way, Crownsville; 410-849-5151; $14,760–$20,995; 179 students.

Jefferson Montessori School, 8507 Emory Grove Rd., Gaithersburg; 301-840-8448; ages 2–6; $6,500–$13,500; 144 students.

John Nevins Andrews School, 117 Elm Ave., Takoma Park; 301-270-1400; pre-K through 8th grade; $405 a month (Seventh-day Adventist, constituent), $630 a month (Seventh-day Adventist, non-constituent), $760 a month (other); 180 students.

Key School, 534 Hillsmere Dr., Annapolis; 301-261-1315; pre-K through 12th grade; $11,385–$22,250; 700 students.

Little Flower School, 5601 Massachusetts Ave., Bethesda; 301-320-3273; pre-K through 8th grade; $6,050 (parishioners), $7,950 (non-parishioners); 269 students.

Recent accomplishment: Currently holds a Blue Ribbon School award.

Lone Oak Montessori School, 10201 Democracy Blvd., Potomac; 301-469-4888; ages 2–12; $3,810–$10,852 ; 75 students.

What’s new: Has added an instrumental music program.

Lone Oak Montessori School, 10100 Old Georgetown Rd., Bethesda; 301-469-4888; ages 3–6; $8,509–$10,672; 75 students.

Manor Montessori School, 11200 Old Georgetown Rd., Rockville; 301-299-7400; ages 3–6; $8,000–$13,000; 56 students.

Manor Montessori School, 10500 Oaklyn Dr., Potomac; 301-299-7400; ages 3–9; $8,000–$13,000; 135 students.

Manor Montessori School, 5450 Massachusetts Ave., Bethesda; 301-299-7400; ages 2–6; $8,000–$11,000; 55 students.

Mater Amoris Montessori School, 18501 Mink Hollow Rd., Ashton; 301-774-7468; ages 2½–12; $7,500–$9,700; 105 students.

McDonogh School, 8600 McDonogh Rd., Owings Mills; 410-581-4719; $20,230–$22,520; 1,314 students.

Recent accomplishment: Exceeded its 2008–2009 giving goal of $1.6 million.

McLean School of Maryland, 8224 Lochinver La., Potomac; 301-299-8277; K–12th grade; $25,270–$30,540; 435 students.

Mitchellville School, 3501 Moylan Dr., Bowie; 301-249-0203; pre-K through 6th grade; $8,500–11,500; 30 students.

What’s new: Recently became a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) school.

Montrose Christian School, 5100 Randolph Rd., Rockville; 301-770-5335; birth–12th grade; $8,300–$9,000; 218 students.

What’s new: Four new courses have been added: Excellence in Writing, Logic & Argument, Latin, and Greek.

New Hope Academy and Preschool, 7009 Varnum St., Landover Hills; 301-459-7311; pre-K through 12th grade; $7,500–$8,750; 225 students.

What’s new: Introduced AP History in the high school this year.

Nora School, 955 Sligo Ave., Silver Spring; 301-495-6672; 9th–12th grades; $21,450; rolling admissions; 60 students.

Norwood School, 8821 River Rd., Bethesda; 301-365-2595; K–8th grade; $24,430–$25,330; 522 students.

Oneness-Family School, 6701 Wisconsin Ave., Chevy Chase; 301-652-7751; age 2–8th grade; $9,250–$18,600; 133 students.

What’s new: The first summer program launched in June and July of this year.

Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, 17301 Old Vic Blvd., Olney; 240-283-3235; 9th–12th grades, plus Ryken Program for mild learning disabilities; $15,500; 1,200 students.

What’s new: The school has a new 53-acre campus with state-of-the-art facilities.

Patuxent Montessori School, 14210 Old Stage Rd., Bowie; 301-464-4506; ages 1½–12; $7,300–$8,900; 66 students.

Potomac Glen Day School, 9908 S. Glen Rd., Potomac; 301-299-9193; age 2–K; $4,090–$7,600 (half-day), $5,095–$10,300 (full day); 127 students.

Primary Day School, 7300 River Rd., Bethesda; 301-365-4355; pre-K through 2nd grade; $15,500–$17,300; 150 students. Queen Anne School, 14111 Oak Grove Rd., Upper Marlboro; 301-249-5000; 6th–12th grades; $17,500–$18,500; 125 students.

Recent accomplishments: Chemathon teams placed in the top three at the state competition.

+ Sandy Spring Friends School, 16923 Norwood Rd., Sandy Spring; 301-774-7455; pre-K through 12th grade; $19,500–$25,600 (day), $36,600 (five-day boarding), $44,900 (seven-day boarding); 558 students.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: University of Maryland, Guilford College, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and University of Vermont.

Seneca Academy/Circle School, 15601 Germantown Rd., Darnestown; 301-869-3728; age 3–8th grade; $2,060–$9,525; 205 students.

Severn School, 201 Water St., Severna Park; 410-647-7700; 6th–12th grades; $21001; 591 students.

What’s new: An expanded learning center.

The Siena School, 9727 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring; 301-592-0567; 4th–12th grades; serves students with mild to moderate language-based learning differences; $27,560–$28,860; 70 students.

Recent accomplishments: Endorsed for accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Silver Spring Learning Center, 1401 Arcola Ave., Silver Spring; 301-649-1373; 18 months–preschool; $960–$11,940; 170 students.

Sligo Adventist School, 8300 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park; 301-434-1417; pre-K through 8th grade; $405–$760 a month; 145 students.

Recent accomplishments: All eighth-grade graduates have received academic honors or been enrolled in AP or honors classes after entering high school.

Spring Bilingual Montessori Academy, 3514 Plyers Mill Rd., Kensington; 301-962-7262; ages 2½–6; Italian, French, and Spanish programs; $10,135; 55–60 students.
Saint Ambrose Catholic School, 6310 Jason St., Cheverly; 301-773-0223; pre-K through 8th grade; $5,200 (parishioners), $6,500 (non-parishioners); 245 students.

What’s new: The school has a new resource teacher to differentiate instruction and assist in classroom learning.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, 8804 Postoak Rd., Potomac; 301-983-5200; preschool–12th grade; $5,750–31,130; 524 students.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: Bucknell University, Gettysburg College, and University of Maryland.

Saint Andrew’s United Methodist Day School, 4-B Wallace Manor Rd., Edgewater; 410-266-0952; age 3–8th grade; $4,600–$9,064; 250 students.

Recent accomplishment: The school has a garden and is raising chickens and goats and maintaining an AquaEcosystem with bay grasses and rockfish.

What’s new: The school is installing a greenhouse with running water and a classroom near the school garden.

St. Anne’s School of Annapolis, 3112 Arundel on the Bay Rd., Annapolis; 410-263-8650; age 3–8th grade; $7,090–$17,480; 265 students.

What’s new: The Annapolis Twos, a twice-weekly program for two-year-olds.

Recent accomplishment: St. Anne’s graduates have been accepted to Cornell, Georgetown University, US Naval Academy, Johns Hopkins University, Carnegie Mellon, Rice University, Northwestern University, and the College of William & Mary.

St. Catherine Labouré School, 11811 Claridge Rd., Wheaton; 301-946-1717; age 3–8th grade; $1,809–7,287 (preschool), $5,148 (parishioners K–8th), $7,958 (non-parishioners K–8th); 234 students.

What’s new: An updated computer lab opened in 2008.

Recent accomplishments: The 7th-grade class recently participated in a video conferencing class with NASA in the new computer lab.

St. Elizabeth School, 917 Montrose Rd., Rockville; 301-881-1824; pre-K through 8th grade; $6,365 (parishioners), $7,865 (non-parishioners); 515 students.

What’s new: A new preschool.

St. John’s Episcopal School, 3427 Olney-Laytonsville Rd., Olney; 301-774-6804; K–8th grade; $14,724–$15,104; 272 students.

What’s new: A new Web site was launched in October, and a new HEROES character-education program highlights community-building topics for monthly discussions.

St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic School, 7501 Adelphi Rd., Hyattsville; 301-422-7440; $5,500 (preschool for parishioners), $6,600 (preschool for non-parishioners); (K–8th grade for parishioners), $6,250 (K–8th grade for non-parishioners); 260 students.

What’s new: The SMART (St. Mark’s Academic Resource and Teaching) Center provides additional assistance with school work and challenges gifted students.

Recent accomplishment: A revitalized athletics program with soccer, track, basketball, and softball is offered through the Catholic Youth Organization.

St. Mary’s Elementary School, 111 Duke of Gloucester St., Annapolis; 410-263-2869; K–8th grade; $7,190 (kindergarten for parishioners), $8,310 (kindergarten for non-parishioners); $6,490 (1st–8th grade for parishioners), $7,630 (1st–8th grade for non-parishioners); 849 students.

St. Mary’s High School, 113 Duke of Gloucester St., Annapolis; 410-263-3294; 9th–12th grades; $10,810 (parishioners), $12,220 (non-parishioners); 485 students.

Recent accomplishment: The class of 2009 received $9.1 million in scholarships and grants, and the school has a full-time college advisor on staff.

Saint Peter’s School, 2900 Olney-Sandy Spring Rd., Olney; 301-774-9112; K–8th grade; $5,960 (parishioners), $7,665 (non-parishioners); 413 students.

What’s new: Differentiated instruction, a fully equipped science lab, and enrichment programs in art and music.

Recent accomplishment: Reaccredited by the Middle States Commission on Elementary Schools.

Takoma Academy, 8120 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park; 301-434-4700; 9th–12th grades; $9,200 (Potomac Conference Seventh-day Adventists), $11,500 (non-conference Seventh-day Adventists), $13,495 (non-Seventh-day Adventists); 225 students.

What’s new: The school now offers dual credit courses, allowing students to earn high-school and college credit simultaneously.

Recent accomplishments: Has a completed million-dollar renovation project and more than $400,000 earmarked for scholarships and student-aid programs.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: Oakwood University, University of Maryland, Andrews University, and Montgomery College.

Trinity School, 4985 Ilchester Rd., Ellicott City; 443-498-5040; preschool–8th grade; $2,835–$7,650 (preschool–pre-kindergarten), $11,365 (K–8th grade), $4,500 (Julie program for children with learning disabilities); 394 students.

What’s new: Opened a preschool in September 2009 for 3- and 4-year-olds.

Recent accomplishment: The class of 2009 had 100-percent acceptance into their first-choice high schools. Three students received scholarships, including two for full tuition.

Washington Christian Academy, 16227 Batchellors Forest Rd., Olney; 240-390-0429; K–12th grade; $6,321 (half-day kindergarten), $12,642 (K–5th grade), $13,883 (6th–8th grade), $15,147 (9th–12th grade); 378 students.

What’s new: The school is working to expand its athletic programs.

Washington Episcopal School, 5600 Little Falls Pkwy., Bethesda; 301-652-7878; age 3–8th grade; $12,850–$25,630; 305 students.

What’s new: The school is making plans for the additional four acres it has acquired.

Recent accomplishment: The school has been named Physical Fitness Champions by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness for the last three years. The school has also seen 100-percent parent participation in annual giving for the last two years.

Washington Hebrew Congregation Rabbi Joseph Weinberg Early Childhood Center and Primary School, 11810 Falls Rd., Potomac (toddlers–K); 3935 Macomb St., NW, (toddlers–4 years); 301-279-7505; $350–$14,200; 275 students.

What’s new: The school now has a full-time registered nurse on duty.

Washington Waldorf School, 4800 Sangamore Rd., Bethesda; 301-229-6107; preschool–12th grade; $6,800–$21,300; 261 students.

What’s new: An outdoor program for the middle school that includes camping, rafting, and ropes courses.

Recent accomplishment: The school is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: Haverford College, Smith College, Ursinus College, New York University, College of William & Mary, and University of Maryland (Honors Program).

+ West Nottingham Academy, 1079 Firetower Rd., Colora; 410-658-5556; 9th–12th grade and postgraduate; $19,350 (day), $37,400 (boarding); Chesapeake Learning Center for learning differences (an additional $8,100); 116 students.

Woods Academy, 6801 Greentree Rd., Bethesda; 301-365-3080; preschool Montessori, 1–8th grade; $11,500–$18,100; 300 students.

What’s new: The school has added a robotics and computer-programming curriculum and implemented a new leadership program for middle school students.

Recent accomplishment: The school was named a “Best in Bethesda School” for the second consecutive year.


Academy of Christian Education, 1808-A Michael Faraday Ct., Reston; 703-471-2132; 3 years–6th grade; $14,000 (preschool and kindergarten), $13,500 (elementary); 200 students.

What’s new: The school has added a Creative Learning Center with differentiated learning for 3rd–6th grades and Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth math.

Recent accomplishment: Students score four to six years ahead of grade level on standardized tests.

Accotink Academy Preschool, 6215 Rolling Rd., Springfield; 703-451-5797; age 3–K; $1,840–$3,780 (preschool), $3,780 (junior kindergarten), $4,060 (half-day kindergarten), $7,990 (full-day kindergarten); 200+ students.

Ad Fontes Academy, 15450 Lee Hwy., Centreville (upper school), 5649 Mount Gilead Rd., Centreville, (lower school); 703-673-1145; K–12th grade; $7,100 (full-day kindergarten–6th grades), $7,750 (7th–8th grades); $8,650 (9th–12th grades); 154 students.

What’s new: A new choral-music teacher has joined the faculty.

Recent accomplishment: The school’s mock-trial team won the Virginia State High School Mock Trial Championship in March, defeating last year’s winner, First Colonial High School Legal Studies Academy of Virginia Beach.

Alexandria Country Day School, 2400 Russell Rd., Alexandria; 703-548-4804; K–8th grade; $19,830 (K–3rd grade) $21,430 (4th–8th grades); 235 students.

Alexandria Friends School, 3830 Seminary Rd., Alexandria; 703-461-7222; 9th–12th grade; $19,395; 8 students.

Recent accomplishment: One student progressed 2½ reading grade levels last year under school’s guidance.

Ambleside School, 1089 Liberty Meeting Ct., Herndon; 703-430-4034; K–8th grade; $6,200(kindergarten), $7,500 (full-time students); 86 students.

Aquinas Montessori School, 8334 Mount Vernon Hwy., Alexandria; 703-780-8484; 115 S. Washington St., Alexandria (Old Town campus); 703-684-7323; ages 3–12; $8,559–$11,106; 200 students.

What’s new: The school has been again recognized by the Association Montessori Internationale.

Arlington Montessori House, 3809 Washington Blvd., Arlington; 703-524-2511; ages 3–6; $3550–$10,650; 56 students.

Bishop O’Connell High School, 6600 Little Falls Rd., Arlington; 703-237-1433; 9th–12th grades; $9,475 (Arlington diocesan Catholics), $11,160 (non-diocesan Catholics), $13,900 (non-Catholics); Muller Center for children with learning disabilities; 1,277 students.

What’s new: A scholarship program for freshmen including awards for leadership, service, and spirit.

Recent accomplishment: Students in the performing arts staged three major productions during 2008–09 school year.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: Virginia Tech, James Madison University, George Mason University, and Old Dominion University.

Bishop Ireton High School, 201 Cambridge Rd., Alexandria; 703-751-7606; 9th–12th grades; $10,920 (Arlington diocesan Catholics), $12,390 (non-diocesan Catholics), $15,000 (non-Catholics); 827 students.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: Virginia Tech, University of Virginia, and James Madison University.

Blessed Sacrament Grade School and Early Childhood Center, 1417 W. Braddock Rd., Alexandria; 703-998-4170; age 3–8th grade; $3,887–$6,469; 333 students.

Recent accomplishment: Awarded Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence by US Department of Education.

Boyd School. Reston campus: 11579 Cedar Chase Rd., Herndon; 703-404-9733; ages 18 months–3rd grade; $9,000–$13,500; 150 students. Herndon campus: 13251 Woodland Park Rd., Herndon; 571-203-8686; ages 16 months–6 years; $9,000–$13,500; 140 students. Broadlands campus: 42945 Waxpool Rd., Ashburn; 703-723-3364; 18 month–3rd grade; $9,000–$13,500; 220 students. Westfields campus: 4550 Walney Rd. Chantilly; 571-321-0364; ages 18 months–8th grade; $9,000–$13,500; 300 students. Fairfax campus: 3909 Oak St., Fairfax; 703-934-0920; ages 3–6; $9,000–$13,500; 60 students. Aldie campus: 24328 Goshen Rd., Aldie; ages 18 months–6 years; 70 students; 703-542-5522

Brooksfield School, 1830 Kirby Rd., McLean; 703-356-5437; Montessori preschool–3rd grade; $10,630–$18,960 (pre-K and K), $15,887–$19,593 (1st–3rd grades); 90 students. Browne Academy, 5917 Telegraph Rd., Alexandria; 703-960-3000; pre-K through 8th grade; $12,975–$21,505; 295 students.

Burgundy Farm Country Day School, 3700 Burgundy Rd., Alexandria; 703-960-3431; pre-K through 8th grade; $20,570–$22,675; 275 students.

What’s new: The school has started a community garden to teach students about plants, responsibility, and the importance of a healthy diet. Students and parents harvested the garden over the summer.

Calvary Road Christian School, 6811 Beulah St., Alexandria; 703-971-8004; age 3–8th grade; $8,930 (all-day preschool), $5,460 (K–8th grade); 10-percent tuition discount for members of Calvary Road Baptist Church; 288 students.

Chesterbrook Academy in Vienna, 9525 Leesburg Pike, Vienna; 703-759-3000; age 2–2nd grade; $8,800 (half-day preschool and pre-K), $11,400–$12,100 (full-day preschool through 2nd grade); 115 students.

Chesterbrook Montessori School, 3455 N. Glebe Rd., Arlington, 703-241-8271; 4701 Arlington Blvd., Arlington, 703-243-3914; ages 3–6; $6,500–$7,500; 54 students;

What’s new: Opened a second location with 34 students on Arlington Blvd.

Children’s House Montessori School, 2425-A N. Glebe Rd., Arlington; 703-276-1360; ages 2–kindergarten; $10,500 (11:45 AM dismissal), $12,500 (2:45 PM dismissal), $14,800 (5:45 dismissal); 85 preschool students, 12 toddlers.

Recent accomplishment: Won a Best of Arlington award in 2009.

+ Christchurch School, 49 Seahorse La., Christchurch; 804-758-2306; 9th–12th grades and postgraduate; boys boarding school, coed day school; $16,850 (day), $39,850 (boarding); 195 students.

What’s new: “Great journeys begin at the river” initiative, a new curriculum for teaching 21st century skills, focusing on the Chesapeake Bay watershed area.

Recent accomplishment: The sailing team is ranked in the nation’s top ten.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: College of William & Mary, University of Mary Washington, Syracuse University, Virginia Tech, and Hampden Sydney.

Commonwealth Academy, 1321 Leslie Ave., Alexandria; 703-548-6912; 100 students; $28,336. Grades 4–12 for students who benefit from class sizes of ten or fewer and instruction geared to different learning styles.

What’s new: Fourth and fifth grade have been added for the 2010 school year.

Congressional Schools of Virginia, 3229 Sleepy Hollow Rd., Falls Church; 703-533-9711; preschool–8th grade; $16,500–$19,800; 375 students.

Corpus Christi Early Childhood Center, 7506 St. Philip’s Ct., Falls Church; 703-573-4570; age 3–K; $345 a month (preschool); $5,159–$7,876 (kindergarten); 175 students.

Corpus Christi Elementary School, 3301 Glen Carlyn Rd., Falls Church; 703-820-7450; 1st–8th grades; $5,159 (parishioners), $5,511 (non-parishioners), $7,876 (non-Catholics); 270 students.

Recent accomplishment: Recently won a Department of Education Blue Ribbon School of Excellence award.

Country Woodland School, 7152 Woodland Dr., Springfield; 703-256-9400; ages 8 weeks through pre-K; $208–$261 a week (full time); 80 students.

Dominion Christian School, 10922 Vale Rd., Oakton; 703-758-1055; K–9th grade; $7,277 (K–6th grade), $7,980 (7th–8th grades), $9,000 (9th grade); 119 students.

What’s new: The school is adding upper-school grades each year. Ninth grade is being offered for the 2009–10 school year, and the school plans to add 10th grade for the 2010–11 school year.

Recent accomplishment: Received a large grant from Exxon Mobil for the middle and upper school math and science program.

Edlin School, 10742 Sunset Hills Rd., Reston; 703-438-3990; pre-K through 8th grade; $15,000; 210 students.

What’s new: Enrollment increased almost 20 percent for 2009–10 school year.

Recent accomplishment: Received the 2009 State of Virginia 2nd Place Math Counts Student award.

Emmanuel Christian School, 8302 Spruce St., Manassas; 703-369-3950; age 3–12th grade; $6,307 (lower school), $7,150 (upper school); 200 students.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: Cedarville University and Liberty University.
+ Episcopal High School, 1200 N. Quaker La., Alexandria; 703-933-3000; 9th–12th grades boarding; $42,000; 435 students.

What’s new: In spring 2009, the school started construction on a new athletics facility, set to be completed in 2010.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: University of Virginia, University of North Carolina, Washington and Lee University, and Davidson College.

Fairfax Academy, 820 S. Carlin Springs Rd., Arlington; 703-671-5555; 9481 Manassas Dr., Manassas; 703-396-7100; age 6 weeks to 12 years; $195–$220 a week; about 200 students per campus.

Flint Hill School, 3320 Jermantown Rd. and 10409 Academic Dr., Oakton; 703-584-2300; junior kindergarten–12th grade; $21,370 (junior kindergarten), $24,050 (K–4th grade), $26,460 (grades 5–8), $27,510 (grades 9–12, including lunch); 1,097 students.

What’s new: The school adopted a six-day schedule for the 2009–10 school year and installed Promethean interactive whiteboards throughout the school.

Recent accomplishments: The literary magazine, The Rough Draft, won a gold medal from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association; three students won Cappie awards for their drama-department work; three varsity athletic teams made it to the state championship game, and two were crowned state champions.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: Virginia Tech, James Madison University, College of William & Mary, University of Virginia, University of Richmond, and Villanova University.

Gesher Jewish Day School, 4700 Shirley Gate Road, Fairfax; 703-978-9789; K–8th grade; $15,950; 170 students.

What’s new: Gesher Green, an environmental-education program for all grades.

Recent accomplishments: The 6th grade placed 15th in the Virginia Mathematics League Contest; the 5th grade was invited to perform its production of Twelfth Night at the Folger Shakespeare Theater.

Grace Episcopal School, 3601 Russell Rd., Alexandria; 703-549-5067; preschool–5th grade; $7,670–$15,43740 (10-percent tuition discount for members of Grace Episcopal Church, 5-percent sibling discount); 120 students.

Recent accomplishment: The school is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.
Grasshopper Green/Kenwood Schools, 4955 Sunset La., Annandale; 703-256-4711; age 2–6th grade; $208 a week (preschool), $775 a month (elementary); 125 students.

Green Hedges School, 415 Windover Ave., NW, Vienna; 703-938-8323; age 3–8th grade; $11,754–$20,924; 190 students.

What’s new: The school added a third preschool class this year.

GW Community School, 9001 Braddock Rd., Suite 111, Springfield; 703-978-7208; 9th–12th grades; $21,600; 50 students.

Heritage Academy and Childcare Center (KinderCare), 7136 Telegraph Rd., Alexandria; 703-971-2793; ages 16 months–5 years; $245–$275 a week; 92 students.

Highland School, 597 Broadview Ave., Warrenton; 540-878-2700; pre-K through 12th grade; $6,100–$19,700; 500 students.

What’s new: This fall the school opened a new Humanities and Instructional Technology Wing in the upper school and added a new synthetic-turf field.

Hill School, 130 S. Madison St., Middleburg; 540-687-5897; K–8th grade; $14,250–$18,800; 240 students.

Hope Montessori School, 4614 Rave
nsworth Rd., Annandale; 703-941-6836; ages 2½–6; $600 a month; 72 students.

Hunter Mill Country Day School, 2021 Hunter Mill Rd., Vienna; 703-281-4422; ages 2–5, after-school program for K–age 12; $321–$1,034 a month; 71 students;

Hunter Mill Montessori School, 2709 Hunter Mill Rd., Oakton; 703-938-7755; ages 2½–6; $9,430 (half day), $11,620 (extended day); 43 students.

What’s new: Spanish is available for four- and five-year-olds but is not included in the tuition.

Immanuel Lutheran School, 109 Belleaire Rd., Alexandria; 703-549-7323; pre-K through 8th grade; $5,290 (congregants), $7,578 (non-congregants); 60 students. 

What’s new: Pre-K classes will begin in the fall of 2010. An accelerated classical curriculum includes Latin beginning in the third grade.

Recent accomplishments: All poetry submitted by 5th through 8th-grade students was selected for the 2009 Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans, which includes 200 poems from across the country.

Kiddie Country I Developmental Learning Center, 6000 Schoolhouse Woods Rd., Burke; 703-250-6550; ages 2–12; $103–$339 a week; 80 students.

What’s new: Three new instructional programs for preschool and kindergarten: Building Language for Literacy, Book Time, and Handwriting Without Tears. New computers and children’s books.

Recent accomplishments: Last year’s class of 17 kindergartners independently read more than 2,100 books; more than 80 percent read on a first-grade level and nearly 50 percent on 2nd–6th grade levels.

Kiddie Country II Developmental Learning Center, 9601 Old Keene Mill Rd., Burke; 703-644-0066; age 2–12; $103–$338 a week; 170 students.

What’s new: Three new instructional programs for preschool and kindergarten: Building Language for Literacy, Book Time, and Handwriting Without Tears. New computers and children’s books.

Recent accomplishments: Last year’s class of 17 kindergartners independently read more than 2,100 books; more than 80 percent read on a first-grade level and nearly 50 percent on 2nd–6th grade levels.

KinderCare Learning Center, 7136 Telegraph Rd., Alexandria; 703-971-2793; age 16 months–5 years; $245 a week; 75 students.

Lake Anne Nursery Kindergarten, 12021 N. Shore Dr., Reston; 703-437-0035; preschool–kindergarten; $135–$770 a month; 240 students.

Langley School, 1411 Balls Hill Rd., McLean; 703-356-1920; preschool–8th grade; $12,950–$25,950; 481 students.

Leesburg Christian School, 21336 Evergreen Mills Rd., Leesburg; 703-777-4220; preschool–12th grade; $5,600–$6,500 (discounts available); 170 students.

Recent accomplishments: The baseball team won the state competition in May 2009. The 2009 class went to China for their senior trip, and a Leesburg junior recently advanced to the national ODACS math competition, where he took second place.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: Northern Virginia Community College, Liberty University, and George Mason University.
Linton Hall School, 9535 Linton Hall Rd., Bristow; 703-368-3157; preschool–8th grade; $4,140–$8,550; 200 students.

Lola’s Place, 20685 Fernbank Ct., Sterling; 571-434-7555; ages 8 weeks–5 years; $705 a month–$1,450 a month; 50 students. 

Loudoun Country Day School, 20600 Red Cedar Dr., Leesburg; 703-777-3841; preschool–8th grade; $11,500–$17,900; 260 students.

What’s new: The school has moved to a new, 70-acre campus and into new facilities, including a library with a reading silo and large foyer.

Recent accomplishments: An alumnus was recently awarded a Rhodes Scholarship in economics and will attend Oxford this fall.

+ Massanutten Military Academy, 614 S. Main St., Woodstock; 540-459-2167; 7th–12th grade, postgraduate; $25,000 (boarding); 170 students.

What’s new: Co-curricular programs in the fine arts have been added, including choral music, theater, and string instruments. Private lessons are also available. AP classes have been added.

Recent accomplishment: A battalion commander was appointed to the Naval Academy, and the school has a 100-percent college-acceptance rate.

Merritt Academy, 9211 Arlington Blvd., Fairfax; 703-273-8000; age 6 weeks–8th grade; $1,310–$1,563 a month; 364 students.

What’s new: A preschool computer lab and an honors program for K–8th grade.

Recent accomplishment: The academy received the National School of Character designation.

+ Miller School of Albemarle, 1000 Samuel Miller Loop, Charlottesville; 434-823-4805; 8th–12th grade, postgraduate; $31,200 (five-day boarding), $34,200 (seven-day boarding), $39,950 (international), $14,950 (day); 140 students.

What’s new: New science and photography departments.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: University of Virginia, University of Mary Washington, James Madison University, George Mason University, and Rhode Island School of Art and Design.
Montessori Country School, 621 Alabama Dr., Herndon; 703-437-8285; ages 2½–6; $7110–$8350; 114 students;

What’s new: Income-based scholarship spaces are now available.

Montessori School of Alexandria, 6300 Florence La., Alexandria; 703-960-3498; pre-K through 6th grade; $7,600–$9,700; 96 students;

Montessori School of Cedar Lane, 3035 Cedar La., Fairfax; 703-560-4379; ages 3–6; $6,740 (half day), $11,110 (full day); 100 students;

Montessori School of Holmes Run, 3527 Gallows Rd., Falls Church; 703-573-4652; age 7–age 14; $9,485–$11,719; 100 students;

Montessori School of Holmes Run Children’s House, 3335 Annandale Rd., Falls Church; 703-573-7599; ages 3–6; $7,000–$10,500; 50 students.

Montessori School of Northern Virginia, 6820 Pacific La., Annandale; 703-256-9577; ages 2–12; $7,941–$10,815; 157 students;

Recent accomplishment: Purchased a new campus in Falls Church, to open in the fall of 2010.

Montessori School of Oakton, 12113 Vale Rd., Oakton; 703-715-0611; age 3–6th grade; $7,500–$10,000; 100 students;

Recent accomplishment: The school was reaccredited as an AMI Montessori school last year.

New School of Northern Virginia, 9431 Silver King Ct., Fairfax; 703-691-3040; 4th–12th grades; $17,100–22,300; 149 students;

Recent accomplishments: The school won two Cappies awards for theater.

Northern Virginia Academy of Early Learning. Burke Campus: 6215 Roberts Pkwy., Burke; 703-239-0875; ages 3 weeks–12 years; call for rates; 130 students; Landsdowne Campus: 6414 Landsdowne Center, Alexandria; 703-541-4175; age 3 weeks–kindergarten; call for rates and number of students; Lincolnia Campus: 6396 Lincolnia Rd., Alexandria; 703-256-8272; ages 2–4; call for rates and number of students; Lorton Campus: 8931 Ox Rd., Lorton; 703-690-1939; ages 3 weeks–4 years; call for rates and number of students;

Notre Dame Academy, 35321 Notre Dame La., Middleburg; 540-687-5581; 9th–12th grades; $18,100; 175 students;

What’s new: The school is no longer affiliated with the Catholic Church. The new head of school is Elizabeth Manley Murray, and the school now has a Merit Scholarship Program for applicants to its first class.

Recent accomplishment: The class of 2009 earned more than $1 million in scholarships.

Nysmith School for the Gifted, 13625 EDS Dr., Herndon; 703-435-7711; age 3–8th grade; $19,000–$28,100; 700 students;

Recent accomplishments: Middle-school students won the 2009 Virginia State Odyssey of the Mind. In 2009, students scored in the top one percent on the Iowa National Achievement Exam.

Old Town Montessori School, 115 S. Washington St., Alexandria; 703-684-7323; ages 3–6; $9,099–$10,899; 50 students;

Our Savior Lutheran School, 825 S. Taylor St., Arlington; 703-892-4846; K–8th grade; $4,725; 120 students;

Parkwood School, 601 Marshall Rd. SW, Vienna; 703-281-3707; age 3–K; $140–$325 a month; 200 students.

Paul VI Catholic High School, 10675 Fairfax Blvd., Fairfax; 703-352-0925; 9th–12th grades; $9,740 (diocesan Catholics), $13,120 (others); 1,025 students;

Pinecrest School, 7209 Quiet Cove, Annandale; 703-354-3446; age 3–6th grade; $5,800–$12,500; 90 students;

Recent accomplishment: Pinecrest was accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Potomac School, 1301 Potomac School Rd., McLean; 703-749-6313; K–12th grade; $24,765–$27,925; 984 students;

What’s new: A new building for the lower school opened in September 2009.

Recent accomplishment: The boys’ squash team won the Mid-Atlantic championships in January, advancing to the nationals; the debate team won the Virginia State Championship the second year running; and the robotics team qualified for the World Championship.

Powhatan School, 49 Powhatan La., Boyce; 540-837-1009; K–8th grade; $12,750–$14,895; 243 students;

Queen of Apostles Catholic School, 4409 Sano St., Alexandria; 703-354-0714; K–8th grade; $4,230 (parishioners), $5,400 (Catholic non-parishioners), $6,690 (non-Catholics); 212 students;

+ Randolph-Macon Academy, 200 Academy Dr., Front Royal; 540-636-5200; 6th–12th grade and postgraduate; $12,500–$14,300 (day), $27,000–$28,650 (boarding), $34,100 (international); 10-percent discount for Methodists; 370 students;

What’s new: The school has a new studio-art course, and a new state-of-the-art academic building opened in spring 2009.

Recent accomplishments: The Air Force Junior ROTC program was recently awarded a Distinguished Unit with Merit award.

College where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: The Citadel.Reston Montessori School, 1928 Isaac Newton Sq. W., Reston; 703-481-2922; age 3 months–3rd grade; $940–$1,580 a month; 210 students;

Ridgemont Montessori School, 6519 Georgetown Pike, McLean; 703-356-1970; age 1½–K; $7,150 (toddlers), $9,300 (half day), $11,550 (kindergarten); 66 students;

What’s new: Spanish enrichment and art after school.

Sacred Heart Academy, 110 Keating Dr., Winchester; 540-662-7177; pre-K through 8th grade; $3,930 (parishioners), $5,030 (non-parishioners), $6,328 (non-Catholics), $2,948 (preschool); 205 students;

Recent accomplishment: A new wing includes a media center, music room, art room, and science lab.

Springfield Academy, 5236 Backlick Rd., Springfield; 703-256-3773; age 6 weeks–3rd grade; $842–$1,098 a month; 130 students;

Springs Montessori School, 5407 Backlick Rd., Springfield; 703-941-1411; ages 2½–6; $5,000 (half day), $9,500 (full day); 100 students;

St. Ann Catholic School, 980 N. Frederick St., Arlington; 703-525-7599; pre-K through 8th grade; $4,500 (Catholics), $7,500 (non-Catholics), $2,610–$6,840 (preschool); 190 students;

What’s new: Mary Therrell became the principal. New enrichment programs are being implemented this year, along with schoolwide service projects.

Recent accomplishments: Every student goes on to his or her first-choice high school. Students have won multiple diocesan awards through the Science Fair, Battle of the Books, and Catholic Daughters of America Language Arts competition.

+ St. Anne’s–Belfield School, 2132 Ivy Rd., Charlottesville; 434-296-5106; preschool–12th grade; $9,175 (preschool and half-day kindergarten), $13,625 (full-day kindergarten), $15,975–$19,800 (grades 1–12), $12,750 additional for five-day boarding, $21,750 additional for seven-day boarding; 821 students;

What’s new: In the fall of 2010, the school is opening a $26-million academic learning village, which will be the home for the school’s pre-K through 8th grade students.

St. Clement Episcopal School, 1701 N. Quaker La., Alexandria; 703-998-8795; ages 2½–5; $550 a month (half day), $925 (until 3 PM), $1,150 (until 6); 20-percent discount for St. Clement Episcopal Church parishioners, 10-percent discount for siblings; 70 students;

St. Leo the Great Catholic School, 3704 Old Lee Hwy., Fairfax; 703-273-1211; preschool–8th grade; $195–$430 a month (preschool), $4,655 (parishioners), $6,260 (non-parishioners), $7,160 (non-Catholics); St. John Vianney Center for children with special needs; 467 students;

St. Luke School, 7005 Georgetown Pike, McLean; 703-356-1508; K–8th grade; $6,022 (parishioners), $7,621 (non-parishioners), $9,422 (non-Catholics); 220 students;

What’s new: French and Spanish instruction for all students. Activboard technology in all classrooms. Student/teacher ratio of 9 to 1.

St. Mark’s Montessori School, 5800 Backlick Rd., Springfield; 703-451-4470; age 3–K; $483–$588 a month; 55 students;
St. Rita Catholic School, 3801 Russell Rd., Alexandria; 703-548-1888; K–8th grade; $4,479 (parishioners), $5,500 (non-parishioners), $6,667 (non-Catholics); 176 students;

What’s new: Superkids, a phonics-based reading program, was incorporated into grades K–2 this fall.

Recent accomplishments: John Barger was named outstanding music teacher of the year by the Opera Guild of Northern Virginia. Melissa Manaker was named one of four Arlington Diocese distinguished teachers of the year.

St. Stephen&rsquo
;s & St. Agnes School
, lower school: 400 Fontaine St., Alexandria; 703-751-2700; JK–5th grade; $21,063–$23,582; 410 students; Middle school: 4401 W. Braddock Rd., Alexandria; 703-751-2700; 6th–8th grades; $25,575; 270 students; Upper school: 1000 St. Stephen’s Rd., Alexandria; 703-751-2700; 9th–12th grades; $27,416; 450 students;

Recent accomplishments: Head of school Joan G. Ogilvy Holden received the Washington Post’s 2008–09 Distinguished Educational Leadership Award. The Latin I team won the Virginia state championship.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: University of Virginia, College of William & Mary, Brown University, University of Pennsylvania, and Georgetown University.

St. Thomas More Cathedral School, 105 N. Thomas St., Arlington; 703-528-6781; pre-K through 8th grade; $4,571 (pre-K), $4,873 (Catholic), $6,246 (non-Catholic); 330 students;

Sunset Hills Montessori School, 11180 Ridge Heights Rd., Reston; 703-476-7477; age 18 months–3rd grade; $7,528–$13,060; 200 students;

Sydenstricker School, 7001 Sydenstricker Rd., Springfield; 703-451-4141; age 3–1st grade; $399–$895 a month; 65 students;

Trinity School at Meadow View, 2849 Meadow View Rd., Falls Church; 703-876-1920; grades 7–12; $13,800 (grades 7–8) $14,200 (grades 9–12); 131 students;

What’s new: The school’s 11th- and 12th-grade students are learning Matlab computer code to model physics.

Recent accomplishment: The US Department of Education awarded the school with a 2009 Blue Ribbon of Excellence—one of two given to private schools in the country.

Vienna Adventist Academy, 340 Courthouse Rd., Vienna; 703-938-6200; pre-K through 8th grade; $3,950 (constituent), $4,950 (non-constituent Seventh-day Adventist), $6,450 (non-Seventh-day Adventist); 92 students;

Village Green Day School at Lowes Island, 47722 Saulty Dr., Potomac Falls; 703-404-4200; age 18 months–6 years; $540–$14,450; 250 students;

What’s new: A recently installed sports court.

Village Green Day School at Great Falls, 790 Walker Rd., Great Falls; 703-759-4049; age 2–12; $910–$16,390; 200 students;

What’s new: The school planted a Three Sisters Garden that yielded flowers and vegetables.

Wakefield Country Day School, 1059 Zachary Taylor Hwy., Flint Hill; 540-635-8555; preschool–12th grade; $6,120–$11,825; 245 students;

What’s new: The school instituted a five-pillars program, which helps students set individual goals in five critical areas of development: intellect, culture, fitness, service, and virtue. It also renovated the manor house on campus to provide housing for students who wish to board.

Recent accomplishment: This summer, 25 upper-school students spent two weeks in New Orleans rebuilding homes. This year, the school continued its unbroken tradition of 100-percent four-year-college acceptance, with University of Virginia acceptances for four out of seven students who applied.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: University of Virginia, George Mason University, and University of Mary Washington.

Wakefield School, 4439 Old Tavern Rd., The Plains; 540-253-7500; pre-K through 12th grade; $2,500–$19,500; 450 students;

Westminster School, 3819 Gallows Rd., Annandale; 703-256-3620; pre-K through 8th grade; $17,200; 268 students;

What’s new: The Griffin Academy at Westminster School, for ages three to four, will open in the fall of 2010.

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