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It appears there’s not one piece of news these days that our leaders can agree on. Job numbers are up . . . but so is unemployment. Elena Kagan is a fountain of wisdom . . . and an empty, inexperienced judicial vessel. Any minute now Rush Limbaugh will be lambasting about how the disastrous Gulf Coast oil spill is as natural as ocean water . . . Oh, yeah.

In other news, bless Mary Fallin and her Oklahoma jokes. And double bless Leonard Boswell for wearing wooden shoes at a tulip festival, which is really something people should do more often. Does Lisa Murkowski really need to win a gun? Don’t they give them away free in Alaska along with the annual $1,000 tax credits you get just for living in a giant national park? Kirsten Gillibrand is hanging out with Rachael Ray, Bob Inglis wants the US to be more like Southwest Airlines (does that include charging overweight people double?), Jason Chaffetz is Team Coco, and Mike Pence now officially speaks for the American people. All of them.

MaryFallin The wind is definitely sweeping down the plains today! #Oklahoma!
Rep. Mary Fallin, OK.

timryan Today, the Dept of Labor reported that the economy added 290,000 jobs, the fourth straight month of growth and largest gain in four years.
Rep. Tim Ryan, OH.

donmanzullo U.S. unemployment increases to 9.9 percent. Here are my ideas to create American jobs.
Rep Don Manzullo, IL.

clairecmc 290,000 jobs added in April, best news is strong numbers in manufacturing, almost 50,000 jobs added. Jobs added in 5 of last 6 months.
Sen. Claire McCaskill, MO.

JohnKerry Here’s tweeting at you @OneillKid
Sen. John Kerry, MA.

VernBuchanan Enjoying the 1st half of my birthday with The People at a town hall in Palmetto & the last half will be all family. Should be a great day.
Rep. Vern Buchanan, FL.

LeonardBoswell Wearing wooden shoes, I Just finished participating in setting a new Guinness world record wooden shoe dance @ the Pella IA Tulip Festival!
Rep. Leonard Boswell, IA.

lisamurkowski From Lisa–Had dinner w/ friends of NRA and waiting to see if I win a gun
Sen. Lisa Murkowski, AL.

SteveKingIA Strongest message from my day in New Hampshire was a lady who sparked a standing ovation by speaking only 5 words. “I want my country back.”
Rep. Steve King, IA.

petehoekstra Going on Fox News later today. Hit time around 1 pm. Job is to stop terrorists!Opportunity is to be aggressive!Background to get it done!
Rep. Pete Hoekstra, MI.

DarrellIssa All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my mother. Happy Mother’s Day.
Rep. Darrell Issa, CA.

clairecmc Happy Mothers Day to all.Especially my mom who I love dearly.She has a passion for life & has never met a stranger.She is simply the best.
Sen. Claire McCaskill, MO.

DavidVitter Happy Mothers Day. The kids and I are letting Wendy know how much we love and appreciate her today.
Sen. David Vitter, LA.

JohnCornyn Kagan once called judicial hrgs a “vapid and hollow charade.” We’ll see.
Sen. John Cornyn, TX.

JoeLieberman Kagan is a distinguished lawyer & legal scholar. I begin the process with very positive thoughts about this nominee
Sen. Joe Lieberman, CT.

RepPhilGingrey I have deep concerns about President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Solicitor General Elena Kagan. Her lack. . .
Rep. Phil Gingrey, GA.

RepShimkus Ephesians 1:18 The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, . . .
Rep. John Shimkus, IL.

SenBillNelson Ban, baby, ban – that’s what I’ve asked Gov. Crist to do about any new drilling off FL.
Sen. Bill Nelson, FL.

SenGillibrand Thrilled that Rachael Ray is in DC today to lobby lawmakers & raise awareness of the importance of healthier food in schools.
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, NY.

bobinglis Southwest Airlines is a great airline. They have fun flying, a customer-centered culture and low fares. Oh, that gov’t could be Southwest!
Rep. Bob Inglis, SC.

repaaronschock My top 10 songs on my iPod
Rep. Aaron Schock, IL.

RepMikePence The American people are adamantly opposed to bailouts–here or globally. We must not reward fiscal recklessness:
Rep. Mike Pence, IN.

JudgeCarter Looks like I’ll be on CSPAN live in a few minutes–How is Speaker Pelosi doing at draining the swamp??
Rep. John Carter, TX.

Tim Ryan timryan In 2009, Americans paid lowest taxes since 1950. All taxes 9.2% of personal income (12% historic average).
Rep. Tim Ryan, OH.

clairecmc 60 strong for doing away with secret holds.Sen Scott Brown signed letter today calling for end of bad habit,promising to never secretly hold
Sen. Claire McCaskill, MO.

Jason Chaffetz jasoninthehouse Liking the new Conan promo. I’m with CoCo!
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, UT.

SenJohnMcCain I met Neil Armstrong yesterday–one of the great thrills of my life!
Sen. John McCain, AZ.

ChuckGrassley Ooops messd up tinyurl tranfer n last post Chk bk l8r 4 link 2 my foster care rmks
Sen. Chuck Grassley, IA.

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