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Tweet Beat: Award-Show Edition

Lawmakers win prizes, complain about TV stars, and get a little too excited about rodeo

With the Emmy Awards behind us and the Oscars still far in the future, members of Congress took to Twitter this week to proclaim their own recent victories. From fighting taxes to defending small businesses, lawmakers took home a lot of hardware. In addition, Jerry Moran proved he didn’t pay much attention in English class, Jason Chaffetz lamented the imminent arrival of Stephen Colbert at the Capitol, and Greg Walden proclaimed his love of chaps.

Sen. Jeff Sessions: @SenatorSessions NOW: Senator Sessions is speaking on the Senate floor NOW about judicial nominations.

I’m sorry. When is he speaking on the Senate floor again?

Rep. Lee Terry: @LEETERRYNE I am honored to have received the “Tax Fighter Award” by the National Tax Committee (NTLC)

Congratulations, congressman! How does it feel to beat out your colleagues?

: @CongCulberson Very honored to receive the Tax Fighter Award from the National Tax Limitation Committee.

Oh. . .

Rep. Greg Walden: @repgregwalden At the Pendleton Round Up 100th Anniversary. Wearing black angora chaps my Uncle’s father wore here in 1910!

Things Members of Congress Shouldn’t Bring to the Public’s Attention, Volume III: Your excitement to wear the same chaps as your ancestors.

Sen. John McCain: @SenJohnMcCain Honored to receive the “Guardian of Small Business” award from the @NFIB

Could this be Senator McCain’s chance to make the jump into costumed vigilantism?

Rep. Jason Chaffetz: @jasoninthehouse Stephen Colbert to testify at our immigration subcommittee meeting on Friday. Seriously, the Dems have called him as an expert witness.

Score one for the Democrats, two for Colbert, and negative one to Representative Chaffetz for his Twitter handle.