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Richard Blais’s Star Moment: Tweet Beat

Plus Ezra Klein’s April Fool’s fears and more from the week on Twitter

This gross weather isn’t exactly a great way to end the week, but there are definitely some things to celebrate. This season’s Top Chef All Stars winner Richard Blais has plans to bring his Flip Burger Boutique to DC, and the US economy managed to add 216,000 jobs in March. Also, Congress finally agreed on a spending bill.

April Fool’s! House speaker John Boehner made that perfectly clear when he tweeted, “Washington Dems claim there is an agreement on spending bill. There is no agreement. Nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to.” Why are we not surprised?

But hey, it’s Friday! And as 13-year-old Rebecca Black “sings” so eloquently: “Today is Friday. Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes . . . afterwards!”

Cheers to that, Rebecca. Though maybe you should stick to a non-alcoholic cocktail.

And now, your regularly scheduled top tweets of the week:

Washington Post’s Ezra Klein @ezraklein: ‘Really hoping I don’t get an e-mail from BLS saying “april fool’s! We actually lost jobs in march.”’
Humor probably isn’t the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ specialty. We hope.

Top Chef’s Richard Blais @RichardBlais: ‘On way to 30 Rock. That just always sounds cool; unless probably you spend everyday there. . .
I know it’s just a show, but if Liz Lemon’s antics are anything like Tina Fey’s in real life, every day at 30 Rock doesn’t sound too bad. Mozzarella sticks and pizza every night? Sign me up!

JaVale McGee @JaValeMcGee34: ‘Raven symone was the best child actor ever!!! Better than home alone n all them’
That’s valid. She’s one of the few child actors who haven’t gone crazy. For Lindsay Lohan’s former roommate, that’s saying something.

Delaware Senator Tom Carper @SenatorCarper: ‘I’m at the grand opening of @WCLatTheQueen. . . More excitement for Wilmington’s night life! #NetDE’
As a Wilmington, Delaware, native, I salute your enthusiasm. But I wouldn’t call drinks at Grotto’s Pizza exactly “nightlife.”

DC Housewife Catherine Ommaney @catommanney: ‘How are all my twitter friends this w/e? I’ve just spent the last hour policing my daughters FB! Now that’s scary. . . .#wasntlikethatinmyday!’
I miss the simple days of writing in code on AOL’s Instant Messenger. Press “1” if your mom is standing behind you and “2” if she left.

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