José Andrés Seeks Local Cook for Pop-Up

Does this mean we'll soon see Pepe rolling around Washington?

Where will he pop up next? For his new Pepe project, José Andrés is hiring locally. Photograph by Pablo de Loy.

Eater National broke the (very exciting!) news last week that José Andrés is testing a food truck—working name “Pepe”—in Washington that may or may not be bound for Miami. That last bit remains unsure, but it looks like Andrés is at least hiring in DC. According to a Craigslist ad posted Wednesday, “Pepe is seeking a motivated cook to join the culinary team.”

What will it take to please Pepe? Well, a lot, actually. According to the ad, the job requires “writing, standing, sitting, walking, repetitive motions, bending, climbing, listening, hearing ability, and visual acuity.” Just like second grade! And that’s only one bullet point. You also have to speak English, know how to handle knives, have a passion for cooking, and be able to interact with the general public and law enforcement, potentially at the same time (thank you, DC regulators).

There’s no word on the menu, but the CL post notes that “the little plate movement that José has been credited with seems to be taking the country by storm, and we need to find the right people to support this growth.” So keep your eyes peeled for little Pepe plates on wheels sometime soon.

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Anna Spiegel covers the dining and drinking scene in her native DC. Prior to joining Washingtonian in 2010, she attended the French Culinary Institute and Columbia University’s MFA program in New York, and held various cooking and writing positions in NYC and in St. John, US Virgin Islands.