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So the Giants Won the Super Bowl—But What About the Redskins?

Councilman Marion Barry thinks the Redskins’ problems stem from their location. We all know the issues are much bigger than that.

Everyone has a theory as to why the Skins can’t make the Super Bowl. Photograph by Brian Murphy.

The New York Giants are Super Bowl champions once more, and all we can do is lash out at the gleeful New Yorkers in our lives.

Why are you so happy? You lost to the Redskins twice. That should automatically preclude you from competing for the Super Bowl, let alone winning one. Stop smiling at me!

But they don’t care. They are the victors, and we are wallowing in a pool of misery that’s become all too familiar. Marion Barry knows what I’m talking about.

Everyone, from the former mayor on down, can rattle off a list of reasons Redskins fans have spent the past 20 years watching other teams play in the Super Bowl. Barry believes the franchise’s problems stem from their physical location. While I too would like to see the Skins play in Washington, I’d sooner focus on the football side of things. You know, like the quarterback situation.

Now, I know better than to believe anything that shows up on Adam Schefter’s Twitter feed when it comes to the Redskins. It’s hard to separate truth from fiction on these matters, due to his close relationship with coach Mike Shanahan. Half of the time he has genuine insight into what the team is doing, and the rest of the time he’s spouting misinformation at the behest of his old friend. When he tweets something like this, I am at a loss.

Peyton Manning—like Donovan McNabb before him—is being left out on the curb like a busted-up couch with exposed springs and the distinct smell of rot.

If the Shanchise is serious about filling out the roster with another team’s leftovers, then how far have we really come from the Cerrato era? We’re now entering year three under the new regime, and we have no clue who the next quarterback will be. If they sign the middle-aged legend with nerve damage, we’ll probably see Councilman Barry back in the mayor’s office before we see the Redskins in the Super Bowl.

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