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A Final Guide to What You Need to Know for Inauguration Day

A few reminders and some important links.

Everything you need to know to celebrate the inauguration on Monday. Image courtesy of Paul Hakimata Photography /

By now, most people who plan to participate in the 2013 inauguration have their tickets
and a plan for when and how to get where they are going. The Joint Congressional Committee
on Inaugural Ceremonies issued one final advisory Thursday. It is directed at people
who have tickets for the inaugural events on Capitol Hill on Monday, January 21.

Security checkpoints for ticketed guests will open at 7 AM. The committee advises
it is best to arrive no later than 9 AM.

The official swearing-in program begins at 11:30 AM, though a musical prelude will
start earlier. The actual swearing-in ritual begins shortly before noon.

People without tickets to the ceremonies on the Capitol grounds will be able to hear
and see the swearing-in on the National Mall between Fourth Street and the Lincoln
Memorial. Though tickets won’t be required, there will be screening at security checkpoints.
Large broadcast monitors will be set up on the Mall. Also important: That’s where
you’ll find Porta-Potties. The Presidential Inauguration Committee has created a smartphone
to help with getting around
on Monday, but in particular it will provide locations for public toilets.

The risers along the parade route, including those adjacent to the White House, also
require tickets. Other stretches of Pennsylvania Avenue are open to the public, but
it is essential to get there early to get a spot, as sections will be closed off after
they fill up.

If they will have an impact on your life, know the
transportation plan guidelines
including road and bridge closures.

If you are dependent on public transportation, know the Metro plans for inauguration

If you plan on traveling by bike, Well+Being has
information on road and Capital Bikeshare
station closures

And, one more time, the list of what the Secret
Service will and won’t allow in the
security perimeter or ticketed areas.

People attending the inaugural balls, especially the official balls at the DC Convention
Center, will need their tickets and identification. It’s wise to carry valid state
or federal ID with you to whatever inaugural event you attend.