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David Gregory’s Wife Calls in to Dispute His “Today Show” Story

The guest host’s wife offered her opinion on whether women are chattier than men.

David Gregory. Photograph courtesy of Flickr user alvesfamily.

Viewers of the
Today Show this morning got a small peek into the marriage of one of Washington’s best-known
power couples. Following a story examining whether women talk more than men,
David Gregory, the host of NBC’s
Meet the Press, got a surprise phone call from his wife and super litigator,
Beth Wilkinson.

Wilkinson, a partner at Paul Weiss, phoned in to bust Gregory and dispel the story’s
conclusion that women are the chattier gender. She thanked Gregory’s co-hosts for
“keeping our house quiet this week,” since Gregory is in New York filling in for
Matt Lauer on
Today. Gregory admitted that Wilkinson “often tells me to stop talking about myself.”

Though Gregory may be the more talkative one, Wilkinson’s no wallflower. And surely
when it comes to arguing or negotiating, she lays down some serious verbal prowess.
As one of the nation’s best regarded trial lawyers, she’s been involved in such high-profile
cases as the prosecution of the Oklahoma City bombers. She was also the head lawyer
at Fannie Mae while the mortgage giant battled for its life in the midst of the 2007-2008
financial meltdown.

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