5 Awesome Outdoor Workouts to Do in DC

Because the weather is—finally—feeling like spring.

Research shows that those who exercise outdoors report higher levels of happiness and commitment to working out. Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock.

We love the outdoors. Problem is, nice weather hasn’t exactly been consistent recently. Fortunately, this week is looking up, so we rounded up some great outdoor workouts you can finally try.

Need more convincing? Research shows that those who spend more time outdoors report higher commitment to exercise and lower levels of depression.

A Beginner’s Rowing Workout
Time: 32 minutes
Muscles worked: Core and legs

The water may still be freezing but it’ll feel great after this rowing workout whipped up by the folks at Capital Rowing Club.

Low-Impact Hills Workout
Time: Approximately 40 minutes
Muscles worked: Legs

It does your body good to give your joints a break and do a hills workout once a week. Plus hills means faster race times.

The Meridian Hill Park Workout
Time: 30 minutes
Muscles worked: Legs, triceps, and core

Explore the 12 acres of Meridian Hill Park in Columbia Heights with Errick McAdams’s park workout.

3 Track Workouts
Time: Varies
Muscles worked: Legs

Hit the local high school track and quench your need for speed with these speed workouts for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

The Ultimate Rock Creek Workout
Time: 30 minutes
Muscles worked: Full body

Have some fun by taking advantage of Rock Creek Park’s exercise trail equipment with this three-part workout.