New Award, "The Golden Padlock," Will Recognize Most Secretive in Government

DamirMG /

Investigative Reporters & Editors, the country’s main professional association for public accountability journalists, is seeking nominations for a new and arguably ignominious distinction: The Golden Padlock

“This honor acknowledges the dedication of government officials working tirelessly to keep vital information hidden from the public,” said David Cay Johnston, president of IRE, a Pulitzer Prize winner who writes mostly about tax and finance issue . “Their abiding commitment to secrecy and impressive skill in information suppression routinely keeps knowledge about everything from public health risks to government waste beyond the reach of citizens who pay their salaries.”

You can submit nominations to You can nominate an agency–or an individual!–and should detail “reasons and/or media coverage detailing the intransigence.”

I know a certain military public affairs officer in New Mexico who so deserves this.