Inside Kapnos

Despite the emphasis on roasted meats, more than half of the menu is vegetarian like these gigante beans with onion seeds and garlic flowers. Photograph by Andrew Propp.

Kegged boozy lemonades are a highlight of the cocktail menu, but you can also get smaller bottled drinks such as the Smile Like a Doughnut, a mixture of gin and house-made tonic.

Yogurt-and-cucumber sauce tzatziki, a Greek staple, gets a twist with a crown of citrus ice.

Mike Isabella in Kapnos’s walk-in refrigerator filled with goats, pigs, and lambs. Photograph by Andrew Propp.

The space is sectioned into several dining areas, including a side room that can be semi-private with the open windows into the kitchen.

The chef’s table stands just off the open kitchen, ready for ten diners to enjoy a $1,500 feast.

A 50-seat bar is reserved for walk-ins, and is the place to snack on a variety of mezze and cocktails such as the Turkish Fabio, garnished with oregano.

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