Check Out Daikaya’s New Late-Night Menu

Bao buns and doughnut ice cream sandwiches for the party crowd.
Settle in at the dimly lit bar for Japanese whiskey and late-night bao buns. Photograph by Jeff Elkins.
Too many “modernized” sake bombs? Try a doughnut-ginger gelato sandwich. Photograph by Scott Suchman.

Daikaya has always seemed perfect for late-night noshing, with its sultry lighting, dark wood,
and abundance of sakes, beers, and Japanese whiskey. 

Now the chance has arrived. The

izakaya launches its first-ever late-night menu this weekend, running Friday and Saturday
from 11 to 1. (Drinks are served until 2). You’ll find the same style of small Japanese pub plates, with a number
of fried and carb-heavy options perfect for soaking up the aforementioned potables;
okanomiyaki-style tater tots and a selection of
bao—typically steamed buns, here using Hawaiian king bread—stuffed with the likes of
pork belly and fried chicken with Sriracha and maple syrup. Those with a sweet tooth
will find Asian riffs on throwback desserts, such as a grilled doughnut sandwich with
ginger gelato and a pop tart ice cream sandwich. 

Check out the menu and start
planning your order before those molecular sake bombs kick in.

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