CEOs Acting Out, $75 Ice Cubes, and Beaver Flavoring: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of the best stuff we’re reading this week.

We're very sorry for telling you about the heretofore-unknown connection between beavers and vanilla-flavored things. Image via Shutterstock.

Weird Eating Habits

A Pennsylvania farm is feeding chickens scraps from four-star restaurants. How good do they taste? Good enough to make Jean-Georges Vongerichten cry. [New York Times] —Jessica Voelker

Here is a guy who created an abomination the McEverything, a tower of all of the sandwiches offered at McDonald’s. Yes, including the breakfast ones. [Dude Foods] —Tanya Pai

Wish They Hadn’t Said That . . .

It’s nice to know people will stand by you even in your most racist hour. Paula Deen resurfaces in Houston, where fans showed up wearing T-shirts with her face on them. [Eatocracy] —JV

What could possibly deter people from hiring a delivery service to bring ice cream or whiskey to their doorsteps? This. [Geek Wire] —JV

More Questionable Choices

Stephen Colbert tackles $75 ice cubes and a dead-grandmother-inspired Cheerios advertisement. And yes, both exist. [Eater] —Anna Spiegel

And here are Dennis Rodman and a Kim Jong-un look-alike shilling pistachios. What are advertisers thinking? [Grub Street] —AS

We Call BS (As In “Before Starbucks”) 

That original hipster the Earl of Sandwich was making frappuccinos way before everyone and their cat started buying them at Starbucks and he is just, like, so over them at this point, you know? [The Salt] —TP

Pleasant Distractions 

Rabbit hole alert: Wired’s food issue in now online. [Wired] —JV

Chinese takeout is my usual (if indulgent) go-to on busy weeknights, but I’ve been loving Food & Wine’s roundup of 20 quick and easy Chinese recipes. Minimal reading and cooking required. [Food & Wine] —AS

Think hitting a destination restaurant is exciting? Former New York Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni prefers the comforts of his steadies. [NYT] —AS

Put Down the Frosting

Oh. My. God. Excuse me while I run home and purge my cabinets of all vanilla-flavored things. [] —TP