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It’s Not You. It’s Not Me. It’s This Town.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Facebook says DC is a terrible place to find love.

Our bloody valentine. Chart courtesy Facebook.

Washington might have more single people than most US cities, but it’s still a terrible place to find love, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of data released this week by Facebook. DC has the second lowest percentage of people switching their Facebook status to “in a relationship” of the 50 cities most active on the site. DC trails only San Francisco for stuck singletons.

Other major cities—New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta—round out the cold-hearted bottom five.

Then again, the Journal’s conclusions are less than scientific. Many people don’t bother to change their relationship status even when they find a partner, whether for security reasons or simply not caring to do so. (Facebook might encourage it, but we’re not at The Circle-levels of surveillance just yet.) But Washington’s digital love-life isn’t entirely grim. DC only ranked 12th in the percentage of the Facebook-users who registered single overall. If you really want to go fishing, try Detroit, which was No. 1 for singles as a percentage of users.

But if you’re really looking to fall in love, the top cities for getting into relationships—or at least advertising it on social media—are Colorado Springs, Colorado; El Paso, Texas; and Louisville, Kentucky.

Then again, maybe people in Washington really are just that unloveable, which really isn’t a new finding.

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