Pizza Deals, Egotarianism, and the 10 Commandments of Adventurous Eating: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of the stuff we’re reading this week.

March is one of the best times of the year for pizza promotions. Image via Shutterstock.

Chefs Go Cr-azy

I guess it was inevitable: the “cragel.” Next I want to see the “crocaron.” And after that the “croptart.” And please, please, please—someone give unto us the “crotzel.” [SF Weekly] —Todd Kliman

Exotic Eats

This guy will be a fool to some and a hero to many: He gave up food for Lent and is only drinking beer. [Sun News] —Chris Campbell

Good advice for those interested expand their culinary horizons: the 10 Commandments of Adventurous Eating. [Serious Eats] —Tanya Pai

Coffee-flavored profiteroles with pink icing? Sounds weird, but this video by French coffee company Carte Noire is oddly mesmerizing. [Ad Week] —Sophie Gilbert

This Week in Millennial Food Trends

Who killed the standard-issue sesame seed bun at fast-food restaurants? Who else? [The Daily Meal] —Benjamin Freed

Fighting Words!

South Carolinian Stephen Colbert bashes North Carolina’s barbecue, calling it “just shredded cardboard soaked in vinegar.” [Eater National] —Anna Spiegel

My home state of Kentucky is contributing to the war against invasive species by sending the killer fish back to their home country. No lasers are attached to their heads, sadly. [NPR] —CC


A screed against the faux-intimacy and friendliness of food packaging. [Guardian] —TK

Eating and Media-ing

Move over, vegans, there’s a new food trend set to annoy the masses: egotarianism. This time the fault is with the chefs, not the diners, according to Alan Richman. [GQ] —Anna Spiegel

Huffington Post gives us 14 Signs You’re Addicted to the Food Network. One that isn’t included but should be is when the geometry of Guy Fieri’s facial hair ceases to perplex you. [Huffington Post] —SG

Bon Appétit’s brand-new dining guide to DC includes the late Fojol Bros. food truck. Oopsies. Otherwise, solid list BA. [Bon App] —SG

Screw Corkscrews 

Can you open a bottle of wine with a shoe? Yes, kinda. Can I open a bottle of wine with a steak knife? You betcha. [NPR] —SG


A review of a new cookbook looks at the Bloomsbury Group and its love of food. Virginia Woolf liked crème brûlée; Lytton Strachey loved “nursery food.” [Independent] —TK 


Esquire rounds up 11 icky-sounding chemicals found in many common foods, to which I say: “I eat chemicals like that for BREAKFAST.” (No, really.) [Esquire] —TP


The Coupe is conducting an unscientific poll—or possibly the most scientific poll ever devised—of the DC mayoral race by randomly affiliating each candidate with a cocktail. Ordering a French Bikini casts a vote for Vince Gray, while a Pomme d’Or aligns your gullet with long-shot candidate Reta Jo Lewis. For the record, the Coupe’s owner, Constantine Stavropoulos, hasn’t donated to any of the mayoral candidates, according to records with the District’s Office of Campaign Finance. [Roll Call] —BF

Eat Your Junk Food 

Farmers’ almanacs should be revised to describe March as “in like a lion, out like a pizza.” March is one of the best months for pizza-related promotional deals, according to the pizza business. [Pizza Marketplace] —BF

Is this peak burger porn? Here’s a blog that evaluates hamburgers according to their design. Yes, this is peak burger porn. [The Message Is Medium Rare] —BF