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Washington’s Adoptable Pets of the Week: June 19, 2015

Looking for a furry friend? One of these cuties—all available at Washington-area rescues—might be your match.

Samantha (above) is a nine-year-old American foxhound-mix. She came all the way from Louisiana to find her new home. She is very active and goofy, but also settles down nicely. She could also do well as a second dog with another mild-mannered companion. She will require some extra TLC and needs to work on house training, but she charms everyone who meets her. Samantha’s adoption fee has been generously sponsored by one of her friends. You can meet her at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.
Lia is a seven-and-a-half-year-old Russian blue cat. She’s affectionate and loves to sit on laps. She would also be fine in a home with a dog. In fact, she’s so patient with dogs that shelter staff often introduce her to new canine residents to test whether they will do well in a house with cats. You can meet her at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.
Mango is an approximately four-year-old pitbull terrier-mix. She is incredibly affectionate and a super low-maintenance gal. Her hobbies include rolling in the grass, watching squirrels, playing with her foster brother, cuddling, giving kisses, and eating snacks. She is house trained, gets along with most dogs, doesn’t do well with cats, but has never met a person she doesn’t love. Mango has been living in foster care since she was pulled from the shelter so is very well adjusted to a home environment. She is very smart, a good listener, and will make an excellent companion. To find out more about Mango, please visit the Rural Dog Rescue website.
Spencer is an approximately two-year-old hound-mix weighing about 45 pounds. He is very loving and eager to please. He’s a friend to every person and dog he meets, but he may not do well in a home with cats. While in foster care, he has not exhibited a hint of food aggression, dog aggression, toy hoarding or other anti-social behavior of any kind. Spencer is crate trained and while what he wants most is to be with his people, he doesn’t suffer from any separation anxiety and settles right down for the whole night when put in his crate in the evening. He seems to be completely house trained and will let you know when he needs to go out. True to his hound nature, Spencer is an explorer, a counter-surfer, and a climber, indoors and out. True to his breed, he needs a couple of hours of outdoor time (total) each day, and loves to have canine or human companions to play with. He has nice leash manners and would love to take long walks with his people. Right now Spencer is recovering from near-starvation so he needs extra food and TLC to get his weight up and his coat back in shape. To find out more about Spencer, please visit the Rural Dog Rescue website.

Flick is a golden retriever mix, and he’s about five years old, which means that he’s well past the crazy puppy stage but has many years ahead of him. Flick is wonderful with other dogs, cats, and children, including toddlers and babies. He is housebroken and he’s even passed his AKC Good Canine Citizen exam. He also loves to snuggle. You can meet him through K-9 Lifesavers.

Sandy is an affectionate, athletic dog that loves to be with her family. She’s friendly to adults and dogs that she knows. She’s part lab, which is clear when she’s around water – she absolutely loves to swim and retrieve sticks while she’s at it. Tug of war with socks is another one of her favorite pastimes. Sandy has a high prey drive and does best in a home without any children, and she’d also do best as the only dog in the house. You can meet her through K-9 Lifesavers.

Liza is a four-year-old, 50-pound American Staffordshire terrier-mix. She’s playful, affectionate, and well behaved. You can meet her at the Washington Humane Society’s New York Avenue adoption center.

Even Steven is a two-year-old pointer-mix. He’s medium-sized and friendly to everyone. He’s past the annoying puppy stage but still has lots of energy. He loves a good game of fetch or a nice long walk, but then just wants to lean up against you and show his affection. Stop by the Washington Animal Rescue League to meet him.

Umizoomi is a two-and-half-year-old, small pit bull terrier mix with lots of energy. She likes nothing more than to zoom around one of the Washington Animal Rescue League’s dog parks for the sheer joy of it. That’s not to say she doesn’t enjoy a little quiet time too. After a play session, this exuberant girl is happy to just chill by herself or with a human companion, sitting in your lap or leaning against you. Umizoomi isn’t a big fan of other dogs and is looking for a home where she can be the only canine companion. Meet her at the Washington Animal Rescue League.