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DC Has the "Best Backyard Ambience" of Any State (And We’re Not Even a State!)

And we're the top composters, too!

Technically we’re not a state (although John Oliver is working hard to change that!), but in a recent survery conducted by decor retail giant Wayfair, DC came out on top.

Wayfair, which includes popular home decor brands such as DwellStudio and Joss & Main under its umbrella, recently analyzed “a sample of more than 300,000 product orders to uncover the most popular items spanning a variety of categories,” according to a press release. They specifically sought to pinpoint which outdoor decorating trends dominated in particular regions of the country along with the habits and aesthetics of regional customers.

According to the results, DC came out on top in two of the five largest categories they researched, “Bright Backyards” and “Greener Gardens, Everywhere.” In other words, DC’s residents are some of the top buyers of string lights, lanterns, and other mood-setting decor, along with composting bins and gear.

One potential reason for DC’s dedication to creating beautiful yards and patios? Recent winters in the Northeast have been particularly brutal, with the Polar Vortex keeping DC residents indoors more often than they’d like to be. But the outdoor season in DC is also considerably longer than those of New England states, creating an incentive for residents to turn their backyards into fully functional outdoor rooms come springtime.

If nothing else, take this as a pat on the back, DC. We’re not even a state and we’re kicking the other states’ butts at outdoor L-I-V-I-N.

Via Wayfair
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