"The Pope’s Favorite Sandwich" Arrives in DC

Weeks ahead of the papal visit, one DC restaurant has honored Pope Francis with a sandwich–named, in apparent humility, “The Pope’s Favorite Sandwich.” Rumors will roll out the creation the week after Labor Day.

The sandwich does sound like the type of uncomplicated food Francis is said to enjoy: chimichurri-marinated chicken breast topped with provolone, “Holy Land” relish—chopped tomato, onion, cucumber, shallots, parsley, and garlic doused in a lemon vinaigrette—arugula, and a ciabatta roll.

Reached by phone, Rumors manager Luis Valle says the sandwich, which will cost $10.95, reminds the restaurant of the first Latin American pope with its Argentinian chimichurri, the Italian provolone, and the Mediterranean-style relish.

He expects it to be a hit. “We did a trial run and it did well,” Valle says. “It’s really good.”