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7 Inspirational Pins of Simple, Natural Gorgeous Holiday Decor

Just greenery, twine, and coziness.

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If your idea of holiday decor doesn’t include flashing lights and fuschia bows, you’re in luck. A Scandi-inspired movement towards simple, natural decor is lighting up Pinterest at the moment, where pine cone garlands and fresh green wreaths are replacing dust-collecting figurines and overly bedecked trees.

Below you’ll find some of our very favorite ideas for keeping your decor verdant and relaxed this holiday season.

This mantel display only has two features: a mix of eucalyptus leaves and other greenery, and assorted brass candleticks with long white tapers. The result is perfect in its simplicity.

For a special scented touch, these natural linen napkins are wrapped with baker’s twine, greens, and a cinnamon stick.

A new use for classic white lights: drape a few strings across a blank wall and clip on photos of loved ones for a sweet, nostalgic focal point.

We can thank Domino for this brilliant space-saving idea. Pine tree branches pinned to the wall in the shape of a tree keep the floor clear (and the needles to a minimum)!

These DIY myrtle wreaths (from Homey Oh My) are easy on the wallet and the eye.

Olive branches aren’t abundant in this region, but a similar garland can be made with the branches your tree-trimmer cuts from the bottom of your own Christmas tree.

There’s nothing Charlie Brown about a fresh green tree top in a matte black vase.

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