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10 Inspiring Pins That Will Turn You Into an Organizing Fiend

It's January. You know what that means.

Tis the season for organization! The time of year when drawers are emptied, closets are purged, and surfaces are streamlined, all in the holy name of Decluttering. To ease you into the mood, here are some of the sleekest, prettiest images of organization that Pinterest has too offer. So before the hard work of, er, actually organizing begins, sit back, scroll through these beauties, and revel in the wonder of all these perfectly arranged mugs.

Even the largest tableware collections look streamlined when you group like with like.

Who says cabinets need to be rectangular?

Martha Stewart’s coffee station is (shocker!) pretty much perfect.

It may go against the desires of your inner bibliophile, but turning all your books spine-in yields a gorgeous homogeny of warm-toned paper.

A set of Shaker-style pegs keeps towels and clothes off the floor.

This grand old cabinet has abundant storage space, and lends a bit of retro-pharmacy charm.

One little shelf above the sink turns a simple wall into genius storage.

A sea of white file holders keeps the palette clean and the office serene.

Pull all your pretty neutrals onto a floating clothing rack and turn your bedroom into a mini-boutique.

Got a quirky collection? Keep all the pieces together for a funky focal point.

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