What I’m Wearing: A DC Native Who Mixes Bold Prints and Vivid Silhouettes

I’m a journalist during the week and fashion blogger on the weekend.

All photos by Raul Gutierrez.

Hey everyone, Mion Edwards here coming in as a guest feature for this week’s What I’m Wearing. I’m a web fellow here at Washingtonian (but in a few weeks I’ll be moving to New York to be a News Associate with NBC News). When I’m not producing the content for our website you can find me writing for my personal style blog—a monthly dose of fashion and women empowerment. I’m a native Washingtonian and currently live in the Petworth area.

My style is bright, edgy, and colorful. I love mixing vivid silhouettes and bold prints to create a cohesive look. I’m a 90s baby and hip-hop fan, so that also influences my wardrobe and that’s why I mix high-end pieces with thrifted or inexpensive garments.

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What I’m wearing in this photo

Purple co-ord set (Olive Ole), snakeskin print heels (Olive Ole), denim jacket with floral detailing (Philly AIDS Thrift).

Fashion icon

Misa Hylton is a stylist extraordinaire. She has styled Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, Lil Kim and many more. She never does any cookie-cutter outfits and that’s why she’s always a step ahead of the game.

Interview attire

To interviews, I normally wear a graceful yet form-fitting dress with a pair of pumps to give a little confidence when I walk into an interview.

Commute hack

For my commute on Metro I’ve been really feeling these lilac slides I bought at Forever 21. On my shoulder you’ll see my Aldo Durosty green velvet bag dangling, it has beautiful embroidery, embellishments, and beading. I also carry my favorite tote bag for items I can’t fit in my smaller bag.

Favorite summer item

My favorite item this hot girl summer has been my snakeskin buckle-up heels—they’re comfortable and sleek. They have been my go-to for several Sunday brunches at Ozios and The Park at 14th.

Favorite place to shop in town

Any consignment shop, whether its the Value Village, Salvation Army, or Unique thrift store. I love vintage pieces and adding a trendy flare to it.


Favorite fashion trend

My favorite fashion trend right now is the reworking of garments and even athleisure, and reworking it into co-ord sets, cargo pants, or jumpsuits. To name a few: @_Zamarlewis_, @ConcolourStudio, @jusbtv, do a great job of that.

Least favorite fashion trend

My least favorite fashion trend has to be the army or tactical vests, especially when people where them without shirts. I would just stick to army fatigue if you’re going for a military look.

Best Bargain

A fuchsia faux fur coat from a consignment shop for $20—the original retail price was $200.

Favorite piece of style advice

Fashion looks better when you feel good on the inside. When you’re able to truly own every curve, freckle, and unique parts of yourself and your body, you’ll be able to hone in on your style and won’t worry what other people have to say about it. Don’t be afraid of being considered extra—embrace it instead.

White oversized button-up shirt (Zara), Corset (Harley Davidson), Tape measure (Target), Tan hat (Value Village), DC flag clutch (Value Village)
African print dress (Value Village), black and gold waist belt (Unique thrift store), clear heels (Boohoo), Woven basket purse (Unique thrift store).
Web Fellow

Former Washingtonian web fellow Mion Edwards is a news associate for NBC News in New York. Mion graduated from Hampton University in 2018 with a degree in journalism.