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Cindy Rich
Cindy Rich came to The Washingtonian in 2001 from NBC News. A 1998 graduate of the University of Virginia, her stories have included "Making Miracles" (May 2009), "Trouble in Coal Country" (September 2008), "I Wanted to Yell Out, 'I Know What Happened!' " (November 2008), "Bailey and Me" (February 2008), "Growing Up Marriott" (April 2007), "Secret Life of Teens" (August 2007), Marriage is Not for Sissies" (February 2007), “Something Happened and We Don’t Know Why” (November 2006), “I Never Even Saw Him” (June 2006), “Two Hearts Beating as One” (February 2006), and “A Warrior in Two Worlds” (September 2004). She is the editor of the magazine's monthly column about pets.

Rich has received numerous Dateline Awards from the Washington Society of Professional Journalists, including one for her August 2005 story "How Many People Did You Kill?" about a young Marine, and an award for investigate reporting for her November 2004 story “How Teens are Getting High.” Her January 2003 story “When Jared Stopped Smiling,” about a friend’s suicide, was named a notable essay in The Best American Essays 2004.
Rich, who grew up in Montgomery County and went to Walter Johnson High School, lives with her husband and daughter in Silver Spring.

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