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Erin Delmore


As a Georgetown alum, researcher Erin Delmore has called Washington home for the past 4+ years. Between her studies as an English and government double major, Erin wrote articles and a bi-monthly music column for The Hoya newspaper and served as News Director for the campus TV station. As an intern with NBC's Investigative Unit and Rolling Stone magazine, Erin learned how to report, write, and photocopy with the best of 'em. Erin is continuing a Georgetown-born investigation into the kidnapping and murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Danny Pearl, now as a Reporting Fellow for the Center for Public Integrity.  Erin is an avid fan of Georgetown basketball, concerts and road trips that involve either. She spent the last six months as a Desk Assistant for the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Ready to get back to the heart of the city and the world of print journalism, Erin is happy to be here at Washingtonian.
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