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Kate Nerenberg

Assistant Editor

Kate Nerenberg started as an editorial intern at The Washingtonian in January 2008 and became an assistant editor in September 2008. She contributes regularly to the Best Bites blog, covers a variety of topics for the magazine, and supervises editorial interns.

A native of West Hartford, Connecticut, she spent the first half of her writing life as a sports reporter, and was the editor of the athletics section for the newspaper and student-run magazine while at Middlebury College. A joint Spanish and Art History major, Kate graduated in 2005 and took off on a year-long journey around the world. After tasting everything from fried crickets to lavish Turkish breakfasts, she realized she wanted to devote herself to writing about food, a lifelong passion.

She lives with three roommates just east of Logan Circle in a house that's often filled with the smell of sauteed garlic, warm banana bread, or fried bacon and eggs.

More about Kate

• Place you'll most likely find me when I'm not at work
Standing over a hot stove with my finger in a pot and a big mess around me, or sitting on the floor of a used bookstore.

• My favorite thing about the DC area
Pupusas! I had never eaten them before coming to DC, and now I can't imagine life without them.

• Hobbies and interests that keep me busy outside the office
Running, especially past all the embassies on Massachusetts Ave., travel, and well, eating—or at least, reading about it! 

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