Roshan Loungani, CFP®, CRPC®

Roshan Loungani
8500 Leesburg Pike, Suite 210
Vienna, Virginia 22182-2409

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Arete Wealth, a recognized, ranked independent broker-dealer and RIA, is a family of financial companies including a full-service Broker-Dealer (BD), Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and Insurance firm. We exist with one main focus: to offer comprehensive wealth management that builds favorable financial futures for our investors, clients and partners.

Arete Wealth has been helping investors achieve their wealth goals since 2007, and throughout our growth, our core value of excellence through intellect and integrity has never wavered.

Managing all aspects of wealth is the foundation of our firm.

Arete Wealth offers traditional wealth planning and asset management along. This means our clients may access endowment-type investing traditionally reserved for institutions. Because there’s always risk present, our extensive due diligence team conducts their own research on products to seek the best fit for our clients.


As retirement specialists we focus on helping you achieve the retirement of your dreams. We develop personal financial plans and run various scenarios to help our clients make intelligent financial decisions. We look at the impact of a move, purchasing a second home, additional travel, market volatility, long term care etc. to determine the impact on your financial life.

Once we build your plan, we use help you manage your assets to support this plan. We create a customized allocation using multiple strategies to help you manage the risk of your portfolio.

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