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Dr. John Dombrowski is proud to be the face of the BioCorRx® Outpatient Recovery Program. The program blends aggressive medical management in the form of a minimal procedure that involves the placement of medication sustained-release implants (pellets), which contain the FDA approved medication naltrexone. The implant procedure is followed up with customized, structured and focused one-on-one medication assisted treatment counseling sessions, specific to naltrexone treatment. Naltrexone is an opioid blocker that removes the “pleasure feelings” in the brain that respond to opioids and alcohol, when consumed. Once implanted, just under the skin, the medication then slowly and completely dissolves over many months. The naltrexone implants release into the body and eliminates, or significantly reduces, the cravings for drugs and alcohol in most people. This same medicine has been used to help with diet/stubborn obesity. The procedure is an office procedure and takes less than 25 minutes to perform. More importantly, within hours of receiving, naltrexone implant, participants have reported feeling complete freedom from drug, alcohol and food cravings.