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Sina Mollaan

A-K Real Estate

One of the keys to dominating the real estate industry, according to Sina Mollaan, is the ability to adapt. Sina’s own real-life experience has seen him adapt to life on three different continents. However, when your life is in the world of real estate, adapting means much more than mastering culture and language. In this day and age, the ability to integrate the demands of technologically-savvy buyers and sellers with fluctuating market trends separates the amateurs from the experts. And that’s exactly what Sina Mollaan has been doing with his new, hand-picked team, the Mollaan Group, at the notable boutique brokerage A-K Real Estate. “Being a part of a brokerage such as A-K Real Estate allows me to have a pulse on every new technology, as [broker] Samer Kuraishi is always ready to try new things.” This in turn allows the Mollaan Group to serve its tech-savvy clients both personally and technologically, giving them the best experience in this brave new world of real-time information. Sina is now focused on training and guiding the next generation of diverse and multilingual Realtors to be the finest in the industry.