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Susan Rich


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Potomac, MD 20854

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Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

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Therapeutic and Learning Centers, P-LLC offers a wide range of psychiatric treatment modalities for self-reflection and healing on a small farm in Potomac. Using a holistic approach, Dr. Susan Rich evaluates and treats anxiety and neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism, ADHD, executive functioning issues, and effects of prenatal alcohol exposure. Cognitive behavioral approaches of goal-setting, mood mapping, parent guidance, patient education, and meditation help raise self-awareness and build self-esteem. Capitalizing on one’s abilities and interests while supporting challenges in academic, social and vocational settings reduces frustration, improves performance, and strengthens relationships. For individuals with anxiety or neurodevelopmental issues exacerbated by trauma histories or attachment-related problems, Dr. Rich may augment in-office therapy by interacting with her gentle, hand raised farm animals to develop social bonds and instill meaning and purpose. Such fulfillment promotes “belonging” within the community, leading to a more optimistic outlook and positive outlets for healing.