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Dr. Susan Rich specializes in neurodevelopmental disorder associated with prenatal alcohol exposure (ND-PAE) – a frequently misunderstood condition affecting 1 in 20 American children. Located on Dream Catcher Farm in Potomac, her private practice, Therapeutic & Learning Centers, P-LLC, is a peaceful retreat from the typical Greater Washington lifestyle, with personalized patient care and family-centered parent guidance. Dr. Rich helps patients with neurodevelopmental disorders and anxiety learn life skills and coping strategies through hands on experiences with farm animals and agriculture. By blending traditional approaches of psychoeducation, cognitive and behavioral techniques with agrotherapy, Dr. Rich teaches her patients and their parents to recognize each other’s strengths, deal more positively with their differences, and cope more effectively with life’s challenges. Her patients and their parents learn to attune to each other and heal through guided interaction with small therapeutic animals like Lucy (pictured here), other miniature goats, and a rescue pig named Noah. Website: http://www.susandrich.com | Book: http://www.prenatalalcoholexposure.com