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Yongsook Victoria Suh, MD, the founder of Victoria Plastic Surgery Center, is well recognized as one of the Best Plastic Surgeon in Metropolitan DC area, specializing in Facelifts. She is the current President of the National Capital Society of Plastic surgeons and an Assistant Professor at the VCU School of Medicine. She is well known for her progressive facelifts where she combines multiple, state of the art modalities and techniques to her surgical procedure for the best and the most beautiful results. She passionately believes that every face has its own unique characteristics that need to be celebrated. That is why she loves Facelifts. She treasures the opportunity to connect with her patient individually, visualize his or her outcome aspirations, and then sculpt the face, so that every one of the unique features are enhanced and rejuvenated. The results of Dr. Suh’s facelifts are one of timeless beauty that is both modern and luxurious at the same time.