2101 Wilson Boulevard
Suite 100
Arlington, VA, 22201

Industry Leader in

Arlington Real Estate

Natalie, a 30-year Arlington resident, and her team at the Bicycling Realty Group, are looking forward to a bright 2022! While no one has a crystal ball, the resilience and adaptability that got us through the challenges of 2020 and 2021, will serve us well going forward. As in so many areas of our lives, there is a new normal in real estate. In addition to technology innovations, real estate safety protocols have changed. Masks, vaccinations, and Zoom calls are part of our daily lives for the foreseeable future. A historic shortage of homes on the market and competitive interest rates will also likely continue through the spring.

What hasn’t changed? Natalie and her team’s commitment to getting clients to the finish line with smiles on their faces. Bicycling Realty Group navigates clients through the fast-moving buying and selling process by forging strong relationships and providing exceptional service. They also offer unique community experiences, such as bike house hunting tours. Natalie’s love of Arlington is reflected in a book she co-wrote with her husband, profiling Arlington’s 63 distinct neighborhoods.

Her mantra: When you buy a home, you aren’t just buying a building, you’re buying a place in the community.

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