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The Face Of Egyptian Cuisine

Fava Pot—DC’s Only Egyptian Restaurant Is Like Eating At Grandma’s

Egyptian native Dina Daniel was once a globetrotting executive working for a DC NGO. Her real passion was hospitality and food. Whenever she invited friends over, she wanted them to feel like they were eating at grandma’s. Proud of her roots and even prouder of Egyptian cuisine, she left her corporate job in 2012 to start a restaurant. DC had Middle Eastern and Mediterranean restaurants, but none that were Egyptian, which is distinctive.

Daniel started a food truck in 2013. Soon, she built a loyal clientele and got rave reviews in the Washington Post and other media outlets. Four years later, she opened her first brick-and-mortar restaurant called Fava Pot in Falls Church. Standout dishes include squab (similar to quail) stuffed with cracked wheat, and baked macaroni with succulent meat and Bechemel sauce. Daniel’s vision for Fava Pot is the same as when she was entertaining friends; you should feel like you are at grandma’s.

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