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The Morehouse grad was enjoying his work as a management consultant in Chicago, with his first nice apartment in the South Loop area, when divine intervention altered his path.

“There was a gas leak in my apartment building in November, and all the tenants were evacuated to a nearby hotel until the problem was resolved,” he says. “But the leak never got fixed. Everyone received their money back, and I found myself with nowhere to live. I felt homeless during the holiday season.”

That’s when he realized the power of real estate and the importance of home ownership. As a Christmas gift, he purchased his first condo and never looked back.

“I wanted to harness that overwhelming feeling of joy and relief at having a home into something more, towards a passion,” he says. “That experience taught me that the business of real estate is very emotional. And for me, it’s a personal calling that became a business.”

Aty is a consummate girls’ dad, an avid art collector and self taught master griller. He lives in Shepherd Park with his wife and two young daughters.


First time homebuyers and first time investors. Fixer upper acquisition.