6849 Old Dominion Dr, Suite 400
McLean, VA 22101

Why do you love what you do? “I love connecting with people and figuring out exactly what’s going to help them thrive. No two clients are the same and each client is an opportunity for me to build a new relationship where I truly understand how to best help them find their place.”

Best career advice you’ve ever received? “Never burn bridges… this couldn’t be truer than in real estate where your relationships can truly serve to benefit your clients. Building relationships is a key aspect of my business and once I work to build something, I definitely don’t intend to burn it down.”

What advice would you give to someone looking to navigate the market today or in the near future? “Call me! In this market things change in a moments notice and requires someone who is extremely attentive to you and your specific needs. I am passionate about real estate, love problem solving and giving free advice.”

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