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Andy_Kushner_SoundConnection1.jpg Pictured above: SoundConnection

“As an Entertainment Designer, my work begins well in advance of the event to make sure I understand the host’s vision, goals, needs, and purpose for their event. That way, I can create a concept unlike any other they have previously experienced–true customization. After the concept is finalized, I enjoy the process of producing the entertainment for the event and elevating its impact potential. I love helping to create moments remembered for a lifetime!”

Andy_Kushner_PopCultureStrings.jpg Pictured above: PopCulture Strings

Andy Kushner Entertainment Design transforms events into unforgettable experiences. From lavish spectacles to intimate gatherings, our meticulously planned celebrations tell the story of your event.

Andy_Kushner_Marquise.jpg Pictured above: Marquise

Washingtonian Bride & Groom pronounced Andy Kushner Entertainment Design as their Top Vote Getter for multiple years. To support his custom-design approach, Andy launched the acclaimed bands, SoundConnection (another multi-year Top Vote Getter), Rhythm6, SoundNation, Marquise, and PopCulture Strings. Top DJ’s, other various acts, including nationally known performers, are also represented.

Andy_Kushner_Rhythm6.jpg Pictured above: Rhythm6

Andy_Kushner_SoundNation.jpg Pictured above: SoundNation