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XIV Fuego Flamenco Festival

November 8, 2018 - November 18, 2018


The 14th iteration of this local tradition ($48) features two dance companies: Madrid’s José Barrios and New York’s Omayra Amaya. To get you in the mood, we asked fest curator Edwin Aparicio to give us a primer on some of flamenco’s various dances (modeled by Sara Jerez).
Guajíra (left)
“A very coquettish and playful dance,” says Aparicio. “It’s done with the fan, indicative of the warm climate in [its origin country] Cuba.”

Tangos Flamencos (center)
Not to be confused with Argentine tango, these dances are extremely passionate (and maybe a bit obsessive). “One of the songs says, ‘In the crystal of my glass, your face is reflected, and every sip of wine was like poison to my soul.’ ”

Garrotín (right)
The idea behind this dance is that nobody knows your problems like your headwear does. “The lyrics say, ‘Ask my hat, and it will tell you the bad nights I go through,’ ” says Aparicio. “It’s like, the hat and I, we’re the only two that know.”


November 8, 2018
November 18, 2018
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