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Happy Hour Finder and Bar Reviews
Find all of the best bars, area drink specials and happy hours in DC, Virginia and Maryland

Begin your search at left or check out our most recent bar reviews below.

Recent Reviews from Washingtonian
75 Great Bars (2013) Great Bars 2011
Great Bars 2013: Wisdom First-time visitors often walk past this unshowy Capitol Hill spot. (Hint: Look for the Chinese carryout next door.) Cozy and dim on the inside, Erik Holzherr’s little lounge boasts a wide selection of absinthes and a long cocktail list...
75 Great Bars (2013)
Great Bars 2013: TNT Bar The oddity of a fancy-cocktail bar in the back of a counter-service fish-and-chips joint—a second location of the Alexandria restaurant Eamonn’s—isn’t lost on beverage expert Todd Thrasher (Restaurant Eve, PX, the Majestic). He dreamed up the casual concept with...
75 Great Bars (2013) Great Bars 2011
Great Bars 2013: Tabard Inn A difficult decision awaits you at this cozy inn and restaurant: Head to the bar to watch Chantal Tseng whip up elegant refreshments such as the fizzy Italo-Franco Aperitivo—with Prosecco, elderflower liqueur, Cocchi Americano, and grapefruit peel—or settle into...
75 Great Bars (2013) Great Bars 2011
Great Bars 2013: Sidebar If your ’90s-era youth involved a lot of Weezer and Doc Martens boots, you likely dreamed of drinking in a place like this: retro vinyl couches, servers clad in semi-ironic Goodwill sweaters, baroque chandeliers emitting a moody glow. For...
75 Great Bars (2013) Great Bars 2011
Great Bars 2013: Round Robin & Scotch Bar If there’s a more storied sipping spot in DC, we don’t know it. The lobby level of the Willard InterContinental has been wetting whistles since Abraham Lincoln was in the White House. Today bartender and cocktail historian Jim Hewes—a...
75 Great Bars (2013)
Great Bars 2013: Range Owen Thomson—the bar manager at this new Bryan Voltaggio spot who formerly helmed the drinks programs at José Andrés’s restaurants—takes advantage of a seriously tricked-out kitchen to concoct ingredients for brilliant original cocktails such as the ethereal gin-based East...
75 Great Bars (2013) Great Bars 2011
Great Bars 2013: PX Todd Thrasher’s Old Town spot is perfect for special occasions. Beautifully outfitted with dark wood and cream-colored cushions, the intimate second-floor speakeasy feels at once civilized and celebratory—everyone dresses up (jeans are frowned upon), but as the evening wears...
75 Great Bars (2013)
Great Bars 2013: POV Lounge Some weeks (when Metro melts down, when the Comcast guy is a no-show, when another motorcade makes you miss your son’s lacrosse game) you need a refresher in why you love Washington. Here’s where to find it: atop the...
75 Great Bars (2013) Great Bars 2011
Great Bars 2013: Old Ebbitt Grill Gaze at gilt-framed paintings of reclining nudes and a mural of the White House alight with fireworks as you sip on a Manhattan or martini in one of Washington’s most legendary taverns. Crowds of tourists often pack the marble...
75 Great Bars (2013) Great Bars 2011
Great Bars 2013: Off the Record With its walls lined with caricatures of politicos, its charmingly gruff bartenders, and a clubby vibe, this is the quintessential Old Washington bar. Power players abound at the stools and tables, too—the crimson den is hidden in the bottom...