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DaVinci Florist, Decor and Lighting


2756 Garfield Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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DaVinci’s Florist specializes in creating floral and event designs for weddings and any other event that requires unique and beautiful décor. For more than a decade, we have been one of the premiere floral and event design companies in the Washington D.C area, and our goal is to create a vibrant and dynamic event designed especially for you. We strive to work closely with each client to create an event that is personally tailored.

Getting married? Come to us with your ideas for bouquets and centerpieces, but also with any other design fantasies you have for your special day, and we will make those dreams into reality. Designing an event is a unique artistic production. The setting, theme, lighting, and ambiance need to be carefully crafted to convey the sentiment the host wishes to express to their guests. Our designers are artists, transforming your event dreams into reality and creating memories that will inspire and delight you and your guests. In addition to floral designs, we also specialize in event lighting and rentals.

Your dream event is only a phone call away. Contact us at (301) 588-8900 to set up an appointment and experience all that we have to offer. Visit http://www.davinciflorist.com or http://www.eventandfurniturerentals.com for more information.