Atlantic Media and CNN “Crossfire” Parties

Guests at Margaret Carlson’s Connecticut Avenue apartment.

At the Atlantic Media party the TV was on and tuned to MSNBC, but discreetly behind the bar.

Margaret Carlson in her large, sunny kitchen, talking with friends John Fox Sullivan and Matthew Cooper.

Atlantic Media’s Elizabeth Baker Keffer, chatting up guests at a party to welcome Emily Lenzner to the company’s public relations staff.

Senator Rick Santorum walks the red carpet at the CNN Crossfire party at the Carnegie Library.

The CNN Crossfire party was lavish, beginning with the eye-catching entrance.

Callista Gingrich’s blonde hair is unmistakable, even from the rear.

As Newt Gingrich talks to a friend, CNN founder Ted Turner’s image looms over the CNN Crossfire party.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper with Jennifer Bloch of Google, wearing—natch—Google glasses.

Newt Gingrich and Callista Gingrich were surrounded by photographers much of the evening.

CNN president Jeff Zucker said reviving Crossfire was one of his priorities when taking the job seven months ago.

What’s a party without a band? At the CNN Crossfire party the band was center stage.

You don’t need to adjust your screen. The CNN Crossfire party was bathed in red lights.

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