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To buy that dream home, you’ll need a mortgage. These mortgage professionals can help with that.
How They're Chosen

April 15, 2024

Some experts expect mortgage rates to decline slightly over the course of this year, which may spur more people into buying and selling homes. Potential buyers will be looking for the best rate and service possible on a home loan—and need a good mortgage professional.

To help, we’ve put together this guide. For the first of our two lists, Lifetime Achievement, we asked mortgage firms to share the names of loan officers who have been in the business more than five years, are still active, and have a lifetime mortgage-transaction volume of at least $500 million. (For context: In a normal year, the average loan officer in this area does a volume of about $15 million to $20 million, according to Charlie Crowe of Middleton Advisory Group.) Not every mortgage company chose to give us names, but the 207 pros listed here are some of the most accomplished in the field.

We also wanted to recognize the often young, eager loan officers who have been in the business only a few years and yet, despite slower home sales due to higher interest rates and low inventory, have already proven their hustle. You’ll find these names—also nominated by their companies—on our Rising Stars list.

If rates do fall and the market becomes more competitive, the right mortgage pro can be key to closing a deal. Consider this one tool to help you land your dream home.

Lifetime Achievement

These mortgage professionals all have been in the business more than five years, are still active, and have a lifetime mortgage-­transaction volume of at least $500 million, according to their firms.

Rising Stars

These loan officers, all of whom have been in the business less than five years, were singled out by their firms for already doing an impressive amount of business—even during a tough time in the mortgage industry.


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