Marc P. Stanard

Marc P. Stanard
1350 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 305
Washington, DC 20036

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I’m a periodontist. PERIO=Around the tooth, DONTIST=A person who deals with teeth; therefore, I’m a dentist who deals with the supporting apparatus or foundation of the tooth, that is, the bone and gum. Through proper examination, diagnosis, and treatment planning with a patient’s needs in mind, I work to provide the most appropriate treatment to improve the health of your teeth, replace teeth if necessary, educate you regarding gum disease (bone loss) because it is chronic, and attempt to maintain your dentition and smile in a healthy state as long as possible. As I always say to patients, “I don’t cure periodontal disease. My goal is to establish health and make your mouth boring.” A boring mouth is a happy mouth.


Diagnosis, Oral Hygiene Instruction, Deep Cleanings, Bite Adjustments, Bone Surgery, Bone Grafts, GTR, Gum Grafts, Frenectomies, Cosmetics, Crown Lengthenings, Biopsies, Sinus Lifts, Extractions,GBR, Ridge Augmentations, Implants, Oral Sedation.


Top DDS, Washingtonian; Highly Rated Google/Yelp; AAP, AAID, AAO, AGD, ADA, DCDS, MSDA, SMDS

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