Jeffrey L. Brown
2841 Hartland Rd Suite 301
Falls Church, Virginia 22043-3500

Industry Leader in

TMJ Therapy

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What makes Dr. Brown and his team so unique? They focus solely on treating TMJ, craniofacial and sleep apnea problems. This allows the team to excel at what they do best while providing the most current advancements in technology. Typical symptoms of TMJ dysfunction and sleep apnea include chronic headaches, migraines, snoring, ringing in the ears, facial pain, movement disorders, bite problems, and much more. Since these symptoms can be caused by birth, developmental factors, and trauma, the team

helps patients of all ages. Their expertise provides a thorough analysis of the underlying cause, so they can address the root of the problem. Through treatment the imbalances within the body are corrected which helps patients function, sleep, and live healthier lives.

When not in the office, Dr. Brown is a sought-after speaker. He has lectured in Dubai, Seoul, London, Norway, Toronto and in the USA. It is his mission to spread the word about conservative, non-surgical, therapies so more people can find relief.

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