Katie Wethman
2000 Duke St Suite 300
Alexandria, Virginia 22314-6100

Industry Leader in

First Time Home Buyers

Not many Realtors have the career path that Katie Wethman has had: CPA, MBA at UVA’s Darden School of Business and then Deloitte Consulting, Corporate Executive Board and Freddie Mac before entering real estate. Now, she and her team work with homebuyers and sellers throughout Virginia, Maryland and D.C.

My Move DMV (formerly The Wethman Group) has assisted hundreds of clients over nearly 20 years and is passionate about educating clients to guide them toward better decisions—which makes them the perfect advisors for buyers new to the process!

As part of this drive to educate clients, the team regularly teaches free first time home buyer classes and has a host of resource centers and FAQs to answer new home buyers’ questions.

“Everyone on our team earns our clients’ trust, encouraging them to think through all their options. Whether we’re helping clients buy a great home or making sure sellers maximize their ROI on a sale, we are proud to be trusted business advisors.”

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