Kimberly Cestari
20 Chevy Chase Cir NW
Washington, District of Columbia 20015-2979

Industry Leader in

Chevy Chase Real Estate and Beyond

Experience the Cestari Advantage: An 18-year real estate veteran, I provide stress-free top-dollar home sales and savvy property purchases, ensuring a seamless real estate experience. Here’s why you’ll want me by your side: Real estate is in my DNA: I know the ins and outs. The best college gift I received was a battery-operated screwdriver! It instilled hands-on knowledge of what’s beneath the surface benefiting sellers and buyers.

Beyond the kitchen: A subpar cook, but a seasoned renovator of 8 kitchens, I share buyer preferences and strategies for maximizing returns in and out of the kitchen.

Beautiful inside and out: My gardening passion ensures your property tells a love-at-first-sight story, enhancing curb appeal, transforming spaces and sparking buyer interest.

Cruising ahead: While not a strong swimmer, my deep love for water parallels navigating real estate waters and relationships with respect and sincerity.

Compassion is key: Rescuing our last 4 dogs reflects my belief that everyone deserves a home. I approach clients and furry friends with unwavering compassion.

The last mile: From last-minute flowers to sweeping, I go the extra mile to make your property shine.

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