Toni A. Ghazi
1313 14th St NW
Washington, District of Columbia 20005-3610

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International Buyers and Sellers

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With over $285,000,000 sold in Real Estate in the past couple of years alone, and recipients of multiple awards, The Toni A. Ghazi, Group continues to perform and out- performs itself year after year. With over 60+ years of experience combined, from 4-different continents and 6-languages spoken, The Toni A. Ghazi, Group is here to guide your Real Estate Journey.

And we believe that Real estate is about MUCH MORE than location! That properties are so MUCH MORE than their features! That clients are MUCH MORE than just Clients! Our clients are OUR FAMILY and an EXTENTION of WHO we are and WHAT we represent – ALWAYS, with LOVE, LIGHT, GRATITUDE & KNOWING that we are ALL CONNECTED and are PART of the SAME COMMUNITY, UNIVERSE & CREATION.

Some of our notable clients have included Global Royal Families, Diplomats, CEOs, Executives from many organizations such as the World Bank, IFC, IMF, IDB, United Nations, Amazon, State Department, The White House, and many private, public, local & international business owners.

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