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Introducing Diane Chipman Mantoni, a seasoned mortgage loan professional with a remarkable 28-year tenure at First Savings. Diane’s journey in the mortgage industry began early, influenced by her upbringing in Washington D.C. under the guidance of a leading real estate agent and the president of a prominent mortgage company. From the outset of her career, she demonstrated leadership prowess, managing a team of high-performing loan officers.

With mortgage banking ingrained in her DNA, Diane has always recognized the symbiotic relationship between a trusted loan officer and their real estate counterparts. Clients rely on her extensive expertise and comprehensive understanding of every facet of the mortgage industry.

Beyond her professional achievements, Diane’s personal journey has been one of resilience and balance. A two-time breast cancer survivor, she understands the importance of maintaining equilibrium in life. While work remains integral, Diane cherishes her roles as a mother to four, a stepmother, and a grandmother to five. She epitomizes the belief that one can achieve professional success while nurturing a fulfilling personal life.